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Kyle recently began suffering from seemingly random moments where his heart will race, he can barely breathe, and he feels like he might be dying. He’s been to the emergency room many times for similar symptoms and they always tell him he’s fine. He now avoids certain roads and places because they remind him of the feelings of fear. He also talks about the feelings a lot, expressing his fear of having another attack.

Panic Disorder

Heidi struggles with her family and friends. She is extremely moody, but tries her best to stay stable. She often gets outrageously angry at something that isn’t even that bad. When she doesn’t get her way,sometimes she threatened to kill herself and has tried on many occasions. She hurts herself a lot through popping pills and cutting. When her best friend threatens to leave her, she gets very upset and will tell her friend that she’ll hurt herself if she leaves.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Tweek often insists that there are gnomes in his room,trying to steal random articles of his clothing, despite the fact that no one else can see them. He says that the gnomes tell him to do things he shouldn’t do and he gets really upset when people tell him that the gnomes aren’t real.He often has facial twitches and makes strange noises. He often cannot speak properly or may be too distracted with the gnomes to respond. He often shows poor responses to situations that others might find funny, scary, or angering.


Leopold never felt comfortable with his assigned gender. He constantly asks his friends to refer to him as a girl and often dresses in feminine clothes. He wears wigs and makeup to try and look more like the gender he is comfortable with. He has recently started going to therapy so that he can achieve a more feminine physique.

Gender Dysphoric Disorder

Stan constantly binges on alcohol. He often denies the fact that he drinks too much, yet often tries to limit himself by telling everyone around him that he’ll stop at two beers. He’s recently been fired after showing up late to work, intoxicated. Alongside that, his wife of three years left him.He gets extremely irritable and panicked when he cannot drink for long periods and will risk jail time to get a drink or two.

Substance Abuse Disorder

Wendy has recently lost a lot of weight, unhealthy so. She often shows disinterest in food and refuses meals more often than not. She keeps a small notebook with her that she writes in how much every bite of food she takes in is in calories. When anyone tries to tell her to eat, she gets extremely agitated and tells them that she’s just get fat if she eats any more.Every other night, she’ll binge on massive amounts of food, but besides those times, she rarely eats at all.

Anorexia Nervosa

Jenny hates her reflection. She sees a fat, short girl who could make someone throw up from just the mere sight of her. Everyone around her tries to tell her that she’s beautiful but she just doesn’t see it. She often avoids mirrors and refuses to take pictures with herself in them.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Kenny was recently in a serious car accident. At first, he wasn’t bothered to get back into a car, but now it’s been a few months and he’s terrified. He often has flashbacks of the accident and panics at the thought of getting back into a car. He also suffers insomnia from nightmares about the accident.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sharon is constantly busy taking care of her sick daughter Shelly. No matter what she seems to do, Shelly always has stomach issues, a fever, hurting joints, something. She feeds her daughter special food for her easily irritated stomach and sometimes puts medicine in the food, hoping it’ll make her daughter feel better. Even though her daughter is in and out of hospitals,appointments, and has had many surgery for her young age, her mother loves the attention that she gets from doctors, nurses, and other physicians.

Munchausen by Proxy

Eric is a nine-year-old boy who never listens to anyone of authority. He cusses and bosses his mom around, with no regard for her feelings on the matter. He bullies his friends and often says derogatory things towards them. He’s extremely manipulative and will do anything it takes to get what he wants. He has also sexually molested at least one of his classmates and finds nothing wrong with it.

Conduct Disorder