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cancer occurring in blood forming organs
such as spleen & in bone marrow
signs of cancer
change of bowel & bladder functions
sore throat that does not heel
unusual bleeding or discharge
thickening or lumps in breast or elsewhere
obvious changes in warts, moles, or freckles,
nagging cough, hoarseness
unexplained weight loss
what is vesicant
agents that may produce blisters & tissue necrosis
what type of bone marrow is allogenic
siblings bone marrow
what is cardia tamponade and what are s/s
formation of pericardial fluid which reduces cardiac output by compressing heart
seen in lung, breast Hodgkin s, lymphoma, melanoma, GI tumors and sarcoma
S/S weak rapid pulse, distended neck veins during inspiration
ankle or sacral edema
ascities, enlarged speen lethargy and altered LOC
multiplies quickly and spreads to other parts of body through lymph system and bloodstream
tumor marker
substance such as specific proteins, antigens,genes, hormones or enzymes that are found in the serum and indicates th possible of malignancy
types of radiation
internal & external
what is biotherapy
performed with biologic response modifiers (BRM) stimulates body's natural immune system to control and destroy malignant cells
what precautions should be taken with bone marrow pt's
monitor blood count
especially WBC & platelets
strict asepsis during dressing changes
risk factors
environmental, lifestyle choices,
genetic factors, viral factors,
diets hi in smoked, pickled, salty and hi in animal facts
1st child after 30
occurring in epithelia tissue
what medical emergencies occur in clients with advance stages of cancer
spinal cord compression
superior vena cava syndrome
cardiac tamponade
classification system used
T- anatomical size of primary tumor
N- extent of lymph node involvement
M- presence of metastasis
how do cancer cells differ form normal cells
irregular shape
multiply quickly
clump together and form tumor
explain how bone marrow is used
aspirating & storing a fraction or total body irradiation and then exposing body to high doses of drug therapy and re infusing bone marrow after treatment
any abnormal growth of new tissue
smoking risk factors for
lung, pancreas, uterus, cervix, kidneys, bladder, oral, esophageal, pharynx, larynx
plasma cells
What are CCNS drugs
cell cycle non- specific
can destroy in any phase of cell cycle
used for large tumors
not schedule dependent
connective tissue
bones & muscles
not progressive & thus prognosis favorable
how is reconstructive surgery used
to heal or restore to health
involves excising all the tumor & involved surrounding tissue & the regional lymph nodes
IE- mastectomy
tumor that is cancerous & often becomes worse & may lead to death
state of malnutrition and protein wasting
palliative surgery is used to
relives complaints but does not cure
obstructions, interrupt nerve pathways for intractable pain
insertion of special assistance devices or to place enteral tubes
what is chemotherapy
antineoplastic drugs that inhibits growth & reproduction of malignant cells
what is synergic bone marrow
identical twins bone marrow
what is internal radiation
use of hight energy ionizing radiation and has the ability to penetrate tissue cells causing breakage in chromosome within thus preventing the ability of cell to replicate
what happens during superior vena cava syndrome
obstruction of the superior vena cava
frequently seen in lung and lymphoma s
S/s dyspnea, swelling of neck and face
edema in upper extremities chest pain and coughing
what is autologous bone marrow?
client's own bone marrow
occurring in connective tissue
such as bone
grading system used how?
classification of tumor as to degree of differentiation or un-differentiating
G-I/G-IV- higher # poor prognosis
what are CCS chemotherapy drugs?
cell cycle specific chemotherapy drugs
attacks cells when cell enters a certain phase of reproduction
is schedule dependent
internal radiation requires?
private room with iron walls
limit staff & visitors
prepare everything out side of room
if radiation source falls out
use long forces to pick up and place in lead container
keep distance & limit time in room
what is extravasations
leakage of chemo from veins into surrounding tissue during infusion
what are the s/s of hypercalcemia
happens when cancer metastasis to bone such as breast caner
tumor destroys bones causing hi levels of calcium kidneys unable to eliminate
early s/s
nausea, vomiting, constipation weakness
later s/s dehydration, renal failure, coma, cardia arrest
treat w/ IV of lasix