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Define embryo
the immature plant inside a seed
Define seed coat
the outer covering of a seed
Define fruit
the ripened ovary of a flowering seed plant
What is an imperfect flower?
They have either a pistil or a stamen but not both.
What is a complete flower?
Complete flowers have sepals, petals, stamens, and pistils.
Define ovary
a structure containing egg cells
What is an incomplete flower?
Incomplete flowers are missing either a sepal, a petal a stamen or a pistil.
What happens during cross-pollination?
The transfer of pollen is from one flower to the flower of another plant.
Define pollination
the transfer of a pollen grain to the egg-producing part of a plant
What is a perfect flower?
A perfect flower has both female and male parts, that is, both pistils and stamens.
What happens during self-pollination?
The pollen is transfered from an anther to a stigma in the same flower.
What is seed dispersal?
Seed dispersal is when a seed moves from the flower to a place where it can sprout.
What is germination?
Germination is what happens when a seed actually sprouts. The right conditions will allow a seed to germinate.
Give three examples of how seeds are dispersed?
Through wind, water and animals
Explain how seeds are produced.
A pollen grain is transferred from the anther to the stigma. On the stigma, a tube forms from the pollen grain to the ovary. A sperm travels down the tube and fertilizes the egg cell. A seed develops from the fertilized egg cell.
What is vegetative propagation?
When you grow new plants from pieces of a plant that already exists--such as a stem, a leaf or a root, rather than from seeds.
Describe the difference between fertilization and germination?
In fertilization, a sperm cell combines with an egg cell; in germination, a fertilized seed sprouts.