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What are Earth's land area divided into seven sections?
What major country has not adopted the metric system?
The United States of America.
What are lines that run east-west and divides the globe into northern and southern hemispheres?
Where is the geyser "Old Faithful"?
In the USA in Yellowstone National Park.
What is meant by population density?
The average amount of people in a given area.
What are three examples of times you would use a map?
Planning a trip, when moving, to find a seat at a ballpark.
What are lines that run north and south on the globe and meet at the poles?
What is the difference between a continent and a country?
A continent is a huge area of land. A country is a land area that shares the same government.
What does a political map show?
Cities, countries, and states. It shows man-made landmarks.
In which hemisphere is the Tropic of Capricorn located?
The Southern Hemisphere.
What is a drawing that shows direction on a map?
Compass rose
On which continent is the United States?
North American Continent
What is 0 degrees longitude and runs through Greenwich, England?
Prime Meridian
What direction is to your right when you face north?
What does a map key tell you?
It shows you symbols for the things that are on the map.
What does a map scale show?
It shows what distances stand for on a map. Distances on maps must be smaller than the real distances on the earth. So a certain number of inches on a map stand for a certain number of miles on the earth.
What is the purpose of longitude and latitude?
To show the exact location of a place on a map.