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time required, including machine and assembly-line setup, to design and engineer mass-production products
lead time
a decision-making condition in which all factors and outcomes are known to the decision maker
the testing of a product design by engineers, after they have added the needed technical specifications
product engineering
any characteristic of a material that can be changed by conditioning
mechanical property
sketches, models, and proposed plans for manufacturing a product
product design
set of operations needed to change raw materials into finished products (casting, forming, seperating, assembly, conditioning, finishing)
material processing
all activities associated with purchasing facilities, materials, equipment, and service in teh required quantity and at proper times so as to meet marketing goals at the lowest cost
a means of accessing the quality of an entire batch based on the inspection of a sample from that branch
acceptance sampling
the process of planning, organizing, and controlling operations to reach stated objectives with efficiency and effectiveness
operations management
the basis input-output system consisting of input, transformations, output, and feedback components designed and managed to transform various inputs into goods and/or services
operating system
an analysis of costs, prices, and profits which shows how alternative prices affect a firm's profit position
break-even analysis
purchase price plus transportation and other costs of delivery
acquisition cost
the use of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (LASER) for fusing edges
laser beam welding
the regulation of teh flow of materials and parts through the processing and assembly areas
production control
the physical layout of an operation done in such a way within a facility that the location of the workstations optimizes the flow of work
facility layout
a type of bonding in which the edges of that parts to be joined are melted, allowing the molten material to flow between them
fusion bonding
running many different sets of input and process variables through the model of a system or process in order to observe resulting outcomes
the process of balancing the costs associated with various inventory levels so as to minimize total costs
inventory control
the design of machines, workstations, and processes such as to maximize the productibity of the worker-machine relationship
human engineering (ergonomics)
a production control system by which quality is matintained through inspections, machine emprovements, etc.
quality control