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What is the puropse of the BUPERSINST 1430.16F?
determining advancement eligibility requirements; preparing forms; ordering, maintaining custody, and disposing of Navy-wide advancement-in-rate examinations; administering advancement-in-rate examinations, changing rating; responsibilities and procedures relating to advancement. (ch 1)
What are issued to supplement the advancement policies in the BUPERSINST 1430.16F?
Naval Administrative Messages(NAVADMINS). (ch 1)
A special eval in NOT required when advancing from E-__ to E-__. If TIR requiements are met, advancment is automatic.
E-2 to E-3. (ch 1)
When advancing from E-__ to E-__, a qualifying Final Mulitple Score is required.
E-4 to E-7. (ch 1)
When advancing to E-7 through E-9, what kind of board is required?
Selection Board. (ch 1)
When advancing to E-8 or E-9, candidates are designated Selection Board eligible based on TIR eligiblility and who's recommendation?
Recommendation of their CO/OIC. (ch 1)
In regards to special selection boards, after how many months does eligibility expire after the regular board convened?
9 months. (ch 1)
An E-6 must pass the E-7 exam before submitting a package for which board?
LDO (Limited Duty Officer). (ch 1)
Naval Education and Training Professional Development
and Technology Center (NETPDTC) is NOT responsible for which of the following?
A. Publishing the BIBs
B. to publish Navy-wide advancement exams and results.
C. To administer examminations.
D. to designate the command ESO. (answer: A & B) (Ch.1)
How much TIR does an E-8 have to be considered eligible for promotion to E-9?
36 months. (Ch. 2)
What is the most important advancement eligibility requirement according to BUPERSINST 1430.16F?
CO/OIC recommendation. (Ch.2)
What authority is required to participate in Navy-wide examinations for change in
NAVPERSCOM (PERS 811/812). (Ch.2)
True or False:
An immigrant alien must be a U.S citizen or Citizenship must be imminent to be placed in and advanced in most ratings that require access to classified information (MC, MN, MT, ND, OS).
True and False. Immigrant aliens can only strike these ratings AFTER citizenship is obtained unless NAVPRESCOM grants a waiver. (Ch.2)
True or False:
Forgien nationals can advance in most ratings that require access to classified information as long as they are granted a waiver by NAVPERSCOM.
False. Waivers are only authorized for Immigrant aliens. (Ch.2)
When is a nondesignated sailor NOT authorized to chose their exam of choice?
When a class "A" school request is approved.
Name 3 Rates requiring citizenship:
AC, AE, AVCM, AG, AO, AT, AW, AZ, CT, EM, EOD, ET, FC, FT, GM, HT, IC, IS, IT, LN, MA, MC, MN, MT, ND, OS, PC, QM, SB, SO, STG, STS, and YN. (CH. 2)
In order to participate in the LN3 exam, the candidate must satisfactorily complete what school?
Naval Justice School. (Ch.2)
In order to participate in the AGC exam, the candidate must satisfactorily complete what school?
Meteorological Oceanographic Analysis Forecaster
Course. (Ch.2)
In order to participate in the MUCM exam, the candidate must satisfactorily complete what school?
Senior Musician Course or Waiver of “C” School requirement by NAVPERSCOM. (Ch.2)
Name a school that must be satisfactorily completed before participating in the MUCS exam?
Unit Leader Course (ULC) ( or Senior Musician Course: Ceremonial Conductor/Drum Major.
A waiver of “C” School requirement by NAVPERSCOM can also be granted. (Ch.2)
Can a Sailor under hospitalization be eligible to take an advancement exam?
Yes. CO of hospital must deem member physically/ mentally fit. (Ch.2)
Can a Sailor who is in a disciplinary status be eligible to take an advancement exam?
Yes, only if recommended by CO/OIC. (Ch.2)
Is an enlisted member eligible for E-7, E-8 or E-9 selection boards if selected for temporary or permanent officer/warrant officer appointments?
No. (Ch. 2)
True or False:
Eligibility is permanently satisfied once advancement eligibility has been documented by
service record entry.
True. (Ch.2)
True or False:
Personnel under instruction for conversion on a scheduled date of an exam is authorized to take an advancement exam.
False. Patricipation is PROHIBITED. Unless the member is enrolled in a lengthy A School. After completeing the basic or A-1 phase of the school, the member will be converted in rating to an equal paygrade.(Ch.2)
What does TED stand for?
Terminal Eligibilty Date. (Ch.2)
What is a Terminal Eligibilty Date?
Date to which an advancement candidate's Service in Paygrade (SIPG) is computed for advancement purposes.
What is the TIR date for a member who is reduced in rate?
The date of reduction. (Ch.2)
For E5 TO E6 early promote sailors, what is the maximum amount of time their CO/OIC can waive off thier TIR requirement?
1 year. (Ch. 2)
Can an "EP" recommendation on a special or transfer eval be used for TIR waiver eligiblity?
No, only an EP recommendation on a periodic eval. (Ch.2)
A PO2 Smith recieves an "Early Promote" on his most current periodic eval. upon transfer, he recieves an "Must Promote" recommendation. Is the PO2 Smith still eligible for a TIR waiver?
No, the lower marking on the transfer eval cancels the EP as far as the waiver is concerned. (Ch.2)
True or False:
TIR waiver is automatic for all EP sailors E-5 to E-6.
False, it is at the CO.OIC's discretion.(Ch.2)
CO/OIC's may reinstate a saior from E-2 to E-3 anytime after a reduction in rate with the referral of which Higher authority?
Trick question: CO/OIC need no referral from higher authority.(Ch.2)
Who is the sole reinstatement authority to paygrades E-4 to E-6?
NAVPERSCOM (PERS 811/812). (CH.2)
Are personnel who have enlisted/ reenlisted in an accelerated advancement program with an associated or pending advancement able to participate in the Navy-wide advancement exam for that higher paygrade?
No, this is prohibited to ensure that limited advancement quotas are not wasted on a guaranteed advancement.(CH.2)
What is the TED (Terminal Eligibility Date) for paygrades E4 through E6 for the examination month of February/ March?
1 July of the same year. (CH.2)
What is the TED (Terminal Eligibility Date) for paygrades E4 through E6 for the examination month of August/ September?
1 January of the next year. (CH.2)
What is the TED (Terminal Eligibility Date) for paygrades E8 and E9 for the examination month of November (only one)?
1 October of the next year. (CH.2)
What is the TED (Terminal Eligibility Date) for paygrade E7 for the examination month of January/ February (only one)?
1 January of the next year. (CH.2)
What is Total Active Federal Military Service (TAFMS)?
the DOD prescribed minimum active service a person must have to compete as a regular candidate for advancement. (CH.2)
True or False: Candidates who meet TIR and other advancement requirements may compete for advancement whether or not they have accrued the DOD prescribed TAFMS.
True. (CH.2)
What is the TIR date?
The Time In Rate (TIR) date is the date from which an advancement candidate's toal service in paygrade is considered to have commenced for the purpose of comuting advancement eligibility for the next higher paygrade. (CH.2)
Who has the authority to reinstate members to E2 or E3 anytime after a reduction in rate, without a referral from a higher authority?
CO/ OIC. (CH.2)
The end of the reporting period of the periodic evaluation on which the waiver is based must be when?
Before the month in which the examination is normally scheduled to be admnistered.