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Four Noble Truths

1. Dukkha- Life is suffering.

2. Dukkha is caused by desire.

3. Ending desire will end dukkha.

4. Way to eliminate desire is through the Eightfold Path.

8 Fold Path


Speech, Action, Livelihood

Effort, Mindfulness, Concentration

View (Belief), Intention

3 Marks of Existence





Suffering, misery, incompleteness


Impermanence, transitory-ness, nothing is fixed


No soul, no permanent self

2 Ethical Teachings

Detachment- Don't get attached to worldly things

Compassion- Have compassion for all living things

Buddha presiding over the Western Paradise


The king that converted to Buddhism and spread the religion; had the rock edicts erected

King As(h)oka

"Lord of this Age" Indian deity of compassion, revered as a bodhisattva


Bodhisattva in Theravada Buddhism

A future Buddha

Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism

One who merits Nirvana but lingers to help others

Head of the Yellow Hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism

Currently on the 14th incarnation who is in exile in India

Dalai Lama

Celestial Buddhas that preside over a Buddha field of heavenly bliss

Dhyani Buddhas

A verbal puzzle used in Zen Buddhism to tempt and frustrate rational thought


"Superior One" Priest in Tibetan Buddhism


"Sacred Circle" used to focus on during meditation in Tantric Buddhism


Incantations; sacred sounds thought to have magical properties


Buddhas who have taken human form, taught the liberating Dharma, and gone on to Nirvana

Manushi Buddhas

Tibetan poet-saint that went from wanting revenge on his uncle to being dedicated to spiritual development


Hand position or other bodily movement; sacred gesture


Creator of the Doctrine of Emptiness


Describe the Doctrine of Emptiness

Justifies the Mahayana belief that you can achieve Nirvana without becoming a monk; existence is miracle

Mantra of the Japanese Jodo sect of Pure Land Buddhism; Pledge of faith to Amitabha Buddha


Japanese Buddhist sect focused on the Lotus Sutra


Zen term for awakening or enlightenment


Outgrowth of the Nichiren sect in Japan; Jehovah's Witnesses of Buddhism

Soka Gakkai

Theravada Buddhist reliquary mound


"Extension" commentaries and ritual manuals that took Buddhism in the direction of personified concepts and magical rituals



Celestial Dhyani Buddha

Meditative schools of Chinese and Japanese Buddhism


"Full Truth" seen as infallible; the scripture of Nichiren Buddhism

Lotus Sutra

Meditation at levels transcending ordinary consciousness; Concentration


An enlightened Buddhist monk who will go on to Nirvana


"The Enlightened One"


Founder of Buddhism

Siddhartha Gautama

Branch of Buddhism; "Great Vehicle"


Liberation from the cycle of redeath and rebirth


The language used in early Theravada Scripture


Community of Buddhist monks


One of the titles given to Siddhartha Gautama; "Wise man of the Sakya people"


5 of them combine to form the illusion of self; "Heaps"


The 5 Skandhas

Body, Thinking, Feeling, Willing, Perception

Branch of Buddhism from SE Asia; "Way of the Elders"


Where the Buddha gave his first sermon

Deer Park

Where the Buddha found enlightnement

Bodhi Tree

When the Buddha shaved his head, wore a robe, and set out on his 6 year journey

The Great Renunciation

What are the three things Buddhists take refuge in?

The Buddha, the teachings of the Buddha, the Sangha

What is the ultimate goal of Buddhism and the Eightfold Path?


What is the Doctrine of Dependent Origin?

The chain of causes leading to rebirth

Where is Theravada Buddhism found?

Southeast Asia; Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam (Historically)

How was the Buddha viewed in Theravada Buddhism?

As a teacher, not as a god or a savior

How does Theravada Buddhism think one achieves Nirvana?

By joining the sangha

What is the goal of Theravada Buddhism?

To become an arahat (someone who will enter Nirvana upon death)

What are the Theravada scriptures?

The Three Baskets

1. Dharma Pataka

2. Rules of Conduct for Monks

3. Abi Dharma Pataka

Which branch of Buddhism are stupas used in?


Which branch of Buddhism does Lord Maitreya belong to?


What is the main idea behind Mahayana Buddhism?

The ideal afterlife can be obtained without giving up everyday life/laylife

Where is Mahayana Buddhism found?

Northern/Far East Asia; China, Japan, Korea

How is the Buddha viewed in Mahayana Buddhism?

As a divine being

Describe the Mahayana afterlife.

There are numerous heavenly Buddhas who each preside over their own heavenly kingdom, all of whom can grant access to an ideal afterlife and are worthy of devotion.

What is the main scripture of Mahayana Buddhism?

The Lotus Sutra

What are the 3 divine authors of salvation in Mahayana Buddhism?

Manushi Buddhas, Dhyani Buddhas, Bodhisattvas

What are the three elements of the Triple Body of the Buddha?

Body of cosmic essence, body of earthly appearance, body of heavenly appearance

What are the five Mahayana sects we discussed?

Pure Land, Zen, Nichiren, Tantric, Tibetan

What is Pure Land Buddhism based on?

The worship of Amitabha

What is the alter called that is used as a family gathering place for prayer in Pure Land homes?


What is the major teaching of Zen Buddhism?

Nirvana is found in simple, unsophisticated experience

What does Zen Buddhism believe the problem we face when trying to reach Nirvana is?

The human mind imposes a duality onto experience

Sitting meditation in Zen Buddhism


What is the difference between typical Nichiren Buddhist beliefs and Soka Gakkai beliefs?

Nichiren says the Lotus Sutra should be applied to social and political life, Soka Gakkai says it should be applied to personal life

What is the goal of right handed tantric Buddhism?

To activate the mind's latent spiritual powers through the use of symbolic sounds, gestures or bodily movements, and mystical circles

What is the goal of left handed tantric Buddhism?

To awaken the body's sexual passions and to use them to produce enlightenment

Afterlife regions or dimensions in Tibetan Buddhism


Explain how a new Dalai Lama is chosen.

After one Dalai Lama dies, the Regency Commission (a council of the 3 highest ranking priests) finds the next incarnation of the Dalai Lama and rules in place of the Dalai Lama until he's old enough to rule.