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Ornamental Pear (Pyrus)
Ornamental Pear (Pyrus)
1) large terminal buds
2) tiny axillary buds which are usually not visible
For the ornamental pear, describe the length of the shoots in relation to the seasons.
Long shoots are a regular in the hot season while short shoots are common in the cold season.
Monkeygrass (Liriope)
Monkeygrass (Liriope)
1) Monocot
2) strap shaped leaves
3) hard to see nodes and internodes
4) Flower stalk is long single internode
5) Perennial plant
6) Grows white flowers
7) Veins are parallel to each other
What does perennial mean?
In botany, perennial means able to live more than three years without dying.
Is a rose a monocot or a dicot?
A rose is a dicot because its leaves are not long & strap shaped.
Describe the leaves of the rose.
The leaves of the rose are pinnately compound.
What does it mean when we say that a rose is perennial?
It means the rose is able to live more than three years without dying.
Is rosemary a monocot or a dicot?
Rosemary is a dicot.
Describe the venation of rosemary.
Rosemary has a reticular venation (like a net)
What are three plants that we saw in the garden that looked alike and were monocots?
1) Agaves
2) Yuccas
3) Nolinas
Even though agaves, yuccas, and nolinas seem like they have no stem, where are the leaves of these plants attached?
The leaves of these plants are attached one point which is a very short stem with all the nodes and internodes packed together.
What are these plants called?
What are these plants called?
Pride of Barbados
What is the species name of Pride of Barbados?
Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Describe the leaves of Caesalpinia pulcherrima?
The leaves are doubly compound.
What does being doubly compound mean?
It means that each leaflet of a compound leaf is made up of secondary leaflets.
What is an Opuntia?
A prickly pear cactus
What are the flattened stems of cacti called?
Where are flowers usually found on a cactus?
They will only be found on a spine cluster.
How are the spines of cacti described as?
They are described as modified leaves.
What is an axillary bud?
The axillary bud is the embryonic shoot which lies where the the stem and petiole meet.
In a prickly pear cactus, where are the axillary buds located?
Each cluster of spines is an axillary bud.
Is the purple vine on the ground a monocot or a dicot and how do you know this?
It is a dicot because the vine has a reticular venation.
Why is the purple vine on the ground?
The stems of this plant are not strong enough to hold themselves up so the vine just creeps on the ground.
Why is the purple vine on the ground the color purple?
Turgor pressure
What is Sophora?
Mescal bean
Is the mescal bean plant a monocot or a dicot?
It is a dicot because it has a reticular venation.
Name three distinguishing characteristics of the Mescal bean plant.
1) large shrub
2) seeds are bright red
3) leaves are pinnately compound
What is special about the mescal beans?
They are poisonous.
What is the average life span of a small weed?
A small weed has a very short life span usually lasting about a week.
Is Chamaesyce of the Euphorbia family a monocot or a dicot?
What physical feature of a small weed is poisonous?
The milky latex is poisonous.
Is Nandina a monocot or a dicot?
What is another name for Holly?
Give three characteristics of Ilex.
1) usually a small shrub and without pruning it would be a small tree.
2) self supporting
3) thick leaves
What is the genus name of the Jasmine on campus?
What type of leaves and how many leaflets are on Jasminum?
Jasminums usually have palmately compound leaves each with three leaflets.
What is the species name for a small, climbing vine?
Cocculus diversifolius
What are the orientation of the leaves in Cocculus diversifolius?
The leaves were pointing upwards.
What is the species name for a live oak?
Quercus virginiana
Where are leaves usually located on a live oak?
They are usually near the tip of the twigs.
Does a gymnosperm have flowers?
No. Gymnosperms are not flowering plants.
Which of the plants we observed is almost dead but healthy?
Atlantic Cedar
What type of tree is the Atlantic Cedar?
It is a conifer.
What is the species name of an Atlantic Cedar?
Cedrus atlantica
Is Cedrus atlantica a monocot or a dicot?
It is neither because it does not create flowers. Just pine cones.
What is the species name for a ball moss?
Tillandsia recurvata
What fruit is the Tillandsia recurvata related to?
What makes a plant an epiphyte?
An epiphyte is a plant that grows on another non-parasitically.
What is the species name for a Spanish moss which is found in Pease Park?
Tillandsia usneoides
Is a ball moss a monocot or a dicot?
A ball moss is a monocot.
What is the genus name of Mistletoe?
Describe the relationship between Mistletoe and Elm?
Is Mistletoe a monocot or a dicot?
Dicot because it has a reticular venation.
What is a hemiparasite?
It is a parasite that only takes water and nutrients from the tree.
What is the species name for a Sago Palm?
Cycas Revoluta
Is a Sago Palm really a palm?
No it is not a palm at all. Regular palms are flowering monocots. The Sago Palm is a cycad which is a gymnosperm.
Describe the leaves of a Sago Palm.
Large pinnately compound leaves
What genus of Cedar trees are present on campus?
Give three facts about the Cedar tree on campus.
1) it is a conifer
2) has small cones that look like blueberries
3) their leaves live for many years
Is Yucca a monocot or a dicot?
Monocot because the leaves are really long and arranged in a tight cluster on the stem.