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These 3 things can affect biodiversity
Air pollution
Water pollution
Land pollution
What is a divided habitat?
An aea divided by roads, farms, or cities
A species that is likely to become endangered in the near future is considered .....
The rate of extinction seems to be increasing. who is probably the cause?
Most caused by man.
Biodiversity _________ as you move closer to the equator.
What is the most common measure of biodiversity?
The number of species that live in an area
What is the major reason that species become threatened, endangered, or extinct?
Habitat loss
Biodiversity can help improve what?
A species that once lived on Earth but died out is called.....
What are some reasons for not keeping threatened or endangered animals in captivity?
Food can be expensive.
Animals can lose their wild behavior.
Finding enough room can be costly.
A species that is likely to become extinct is called.....
What is habitat restoration?
The process of bringing a habitat back to a healthy condition
What is one problem that an introduced species can cause?
It can crowd out native species.
These people develop strategies to safeguard threatened and endangeed species.
Conservation biologists
These move into an ecosystem because of human action.
Introduced species
This refers to the variety of life in an ecosystem
These are an extinct species
Passenger pigeons
This could cause the polar ice caps to melt causing floods.
Global warming
This was passed to help endangered species and their environment.
The U.S. Endangered Secies Act of 1973
Bringing a damaged habitat back to a healthy condition is called this.
Habitat restoration
Does the rate of extinction seem to be rising or decreasing?
These are the original species in an ecosystem.
Native species
A thinning of a layer of the atmospehere that absorbs radiation is called .....
Ozone depletion
These have been established to store the seeds of endangered plants.
Seed banks
What are wildlife corridors?
areas that allow animals to move from one preserve to another without having to cross roads
Why is conservation biology important?
1) It helps save a species' habitat.
2) It helps protect a species from harm
Why are many species today in danger of extinction?
1) Their habitat is being destroyed.
2) There is more pollution which can
kill organisms.
3) Overhunting