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Dorsal body cavity

Cranial cavity and spinal cavity

Crainal cavity

Houses brain

Spinal cavity

Houses spinal cord

Ventral body cavity

Thoracic cavity and Abdominopelvic cavity

Thoracic cavity

Surrounded by ribs and muscles of the chest and subdivided into left and right PLEURAL CAVITIES and the PERICARDIAL CAVITY

Pericardial cavity

Houses the heart

Pleural cavity

Houses the lungs


Houses all of the thoracic cavity EXCEPT the lungs.

Includes the heart, thymus, esophagus, trachea, bronchi, and many blood and lymphatic vessels.

Abdominopelvic ( Peritoneal) cavity

Houses abdominal subdivision and pelvic subdivision

Abdominal subdivision

Contains the Stomach, intestines, spleen, and liver

Pelvic subdivision

Contains bladder, certain reproductive organs, and the rectum

Umbilical region

At the center of the abdomen

Epigastric region

Immediately superior to the umbilical region.

Hypogastric region

Immediately inferior to the umbilical region.

Hypochondriac regions

Lateral to the epigastric regions, right and left.

Lumbar regions

Lateral to the umbilical region, right and left.

Inguinal (Iliac) region

Lateral to the hypogastric region, right and left.

Name the 4 quadrants of the body

Right and left upper and right and left lower