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Body Cavities

- Spaces within the body that help protect, separate, and support internal organs.

- Compartmentalize major organs

Dorsal Body Cavities

- 2 continuous cavities (no true separation)

- Protects/houses the CNS

- Cranial Cavity

- Vertebral Canal

Cranial Cavity

- Houses the brain

Vertebral/Spinal Canal

- Houses the Spinal Cord


Protective wrappings around organs in the dorsal body cavities and around the CNS

Ventral Body Cavities

- Physically separate

- Thoracic Cavity

- Abdominopelvic Cavity


- Organ/muscle that separates the 2 ventral cavities

- Sits under the ribcage

- Major muscle of breathing, contracts when you inhale

Thoracic Cavity

- Superior

- Contains the heart and lungs

2 Subcavities of the Thoracic Cavity

- Pleural Cavities (Lateral) - 2 lungs kept here

- Pericardial Cavity (Medial) - Houses the heart - in mediastinum


- Central region in thoracic cavity directly below the sternum


- Vitalist of vital organs are here

Abdominopelvic Cavity

Largest cavity divided into 2 continuous subcavities: Abdominal and Pelvic

Abdominal Cavity

- Superior Portion

- Contains most gut tube organs

- Non-gut tube organs: Spleen


- Sits behind the stomach

- between stomach and kidney

- little purple organ

- stores WBC

Pelvic Cavity

- Inferior Portion

- Tilts Posteriorly

- Below brim of pelvis(hips start)→down to crotch

- Contain urogenital organs - few digestive organs(distal/sigmoid colon/rectum)

Serous Membrane (serosa)

- Ventral body cavity membrane

- covers structures

- membrane that secretes a thin serous fluid and they are never exposed to air

Serous membrane line with...

...continuous piece of membrane that lines the walls or organ and cavity wall.

Parietal Layer

Lines wall of cavity

Visceral Layer

Lines wall of organs

(inviscerate=cut out internal organs)


- one piece

- only when talking about serous membranes - others are mucous membranes

- fluid between two layers

Pleura (n.)

- On walls of lungs/Pleural Cavity (adj.)

Pericardium (n.)

- On walls of heart/pericardial(adj.) cavity

Peritoneum (n.)

- On walls and organs lining in the abdominopelvic(adj.) cavity

Umbilical Region (major organs)

- Stomach

- Pancreas

- Small Intestine

Epigastric Region

- Liver

- Stomach

Hypogastric/Pubic Region

Urinary Bladder

Right and Left Hypochondriac Regions

- Liver

- Gallbladder

- R and L kidney

- Spleen

Right and Left Lumbar Regions

- Large Intestine

- Stomach

Right and Left Iliac/Inguinal Regions

- Large/Small intestine

- Appendix

Right Upper Quadrant (RUQ)

- Liver

- Gallbladder

Right Lower Quadrant (RLQ)

- Large and small intestine

Left Upper Quadrant (LUQ)

- Stomach

- Spleen

- Transverse colon

Left Lower Quadrant (LLQ)

- Small Intestine

- Sigmoid/Descending Colon