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Under what article of the Navy regulations may a person be charged with sexual harrassment?
On what date did the original Uniform Code of Military Justice become effective?
May 31,1951
What does article 137 of the UCMJ state?
articles must be explained to every enlisted person at the time the person enters active duty after of active duty and each time you reenlist
What article of the UCMJ explains the commanding officers nonjudicial punishment?
The status of an absentee changes from absence without leave to deserter after how many days of absence?
What is article 87 of the UCMJ?
missing movement
What is article 134 under the UCMJ?
general article
What is article 65 under the UCMJ?
What is article 86 under the UCMJ?
Absence without leave
What is article 89 under the UCMJ?
Disrespect toward superior commisioned officer
What is article 90under the UCMJ?
Assaulting or willfully disobeying superior commisioned officer
What is article 91 under the UCMJ?
Insubordinate conduct toward Warrant officer, noncommisioned officer or petty officer
What is article 92 under the UCMJ?
Failure to obey order or regulation
What is article 98 under the UCMJ
Noncompliance with proceural rules
What is article 112 under the UCMJ?
drunk on duty
What is article 112a under the UCMJ?
Wrongful use possesion of controlled substance
Under article 15 if the person feels the punishment is unjust how many days is generally considered reasonable for submitting an appeal?
Under article V of the Code conduct what is the only informationyou are allowed to give
your name rank service number and date of birth
What are the 3 types of court martials?
summary, special and general
How often does POWs have to be checked on
every 4 hrs
What is the purpose of discipline in the in the military?
to bring about an effeciant military organization?
What is the Navy regulations?
describes the rights and responsibilties of all Navy members
Who is responsible for ensuring the US Navy regulationsconform to the current needs of the Navy?
Who are changes to the Navy regs issued by?
Sec of the Navy
What is article 94 under the UCMJ?
The watch, quarter and station bill WQS lists lists what?
billet number abd rate divisional stations to be manned for various situations.
Whaen at sea who maintains the ships deck log?
Quartermaster of the watch
When do you dog the watch?
1600-2000 is divided in half 1600-1800 and 1800-2000
What are the conditions set underway?
Condition I
I-All battle statons manned
II-Special watch
III-normal wartime steaming
Who is the only one that authorize deadly force?
the CO