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When using the two rescuer CPR technique, you should use what ratio of compressions to ventilations?
5 to 1
When using the back pressure/arm lift technique for administering artificial ventilation, you should repeat the cycle how many times per minute?
10 to 12
When using the one-rescuer CPR technique, you should administer how many compressions per minute?
60 t0 80
When administering CPR, you should place your hands on what area of the victim’s chest?
Above the tip of the sternum
When using the one rescuer CPR technique, you should give how many ventilations after each set of compressions?
Which of the following structural components divides the interior of a ship into compartments?
Which of the following structural components is the backbone of a ship?
When using mouth-to-mouth technique for administering artificial ventilation, how often should you force air into the victims lungs?
Once every 5 seconds
The mouth to nose technique for administering artificial ventilation is effective on which types of victims?
The victim who is very small.
The victim with extensive facial injury.
CPR should be started within how many minutes of the onset of cardiac arrest?
4 min
Q14. Which of the following is not a responsibility
of the training petty officer?
1. Develop monthly training schedules
2. Oversee preparation of training materials
3. Maintain training records
4. Assign personnel to fleet and service
Assign personnel to fleet and service
Q3. The long-term goal of the Personal
Excellence Partnership Program includes an
effort to promote
1. Navy values
2. self-worth
3. responsible citizenship
4. both 2 and 3 above
both 2 and 3 above
FSCs offer programs for married sailors
1. True
2. False
False. The program’s mission is to increase
readiness and retention of service members
by providing information, resources, and
services that support and enrich the lives
of Navy families as well as single sailors.
The term MOPP stands for Mission
Organization Protective Plan.
1. True
2. False
False. MOPP stands for Mission Oriented
Protective Posture.
Side boys are NOT paraded during which
of the following times?
1. Between sunset and 0800
2. Meal hours
3. General drills
4. All of the above
(4) Side boys are not paraded on Sunday or
on other days between sunset and 0800 or
during meal hours of the crew, general drills
and evolutions, and periods of regular
overhaul, except in honor of civil officials and
foreign officers.