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1st Boss

LCDR Roy "Butch" Voris

1st Name of Team

The Navy Blue Lancers. Name won a contest to name the team but was never accepted or used.

1st Marine Pilot

Capt. Chuck Hiett, 1954

1st Tech Rep, made 1st Crest

Dave "Grandfather" Sheuer (also had first blue flight suits made)

Team Started by Direction of:

Adm. Chester W. Nimitz

Team's Birthday

April 24, 1946

1st Airshow

June 15, 1946 at Craig Field, Jacksonville Florida

Time of First Airshow

Approximately 17 minutes with 3 aircraft.

Blue Angel Diamond Introduced:

1947 by Lt. Cmdr. Bob Clark

1st Demo in Canada

September, 1956

1st European Tour

Summer 1965

Who Found the Blue Angel Name in the New Yorker Magazine?

Maurice "Wick" Wickendoll

Year Winter Training Officially Started


Year Team Moved to Pensacola


Mt. Signal Elevation

2562 ft.

Year Team Became a Squadron


1000th Airshow

July 4th, 1963 in Lemoore, California

2000th Airshow

October 8th, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia

3000th Airshow

September 7th, 1990 in Grand Forks, North Dakota

1st Commanding Officer

Cmdr. Tony Less

Who Served as Commanding Officer Twice?

Ken Wallace. Slot 1953-1956, Boss 1961-1963, and came back as OIC to put the team back together after the crash in 1973.

When was the C-130 Introduced?


Name the Aircraft Flown by the Blue Angels

Hellcat, Bearcat, Panther, Cougar, Tiger, Phantom, Skyhawk, Hornet

1st Jet Flown


1st Supersonic Aircraft


F/A-18 Acquired

November, 1986

F/A-18 First Demo


Who Created the Mini Litho or Hound Dog?

Lt. Cmdr. Doug McClain

3x Blue Angel Pilot

Capt. Greg "Iron Man" Wooldridge

1st Female Officer

Lt. Mary Russel

1st Female Enlisted

AT1 Penny Edwards

1st Female Marine

SSgt. Nancy Woods

1st Female Pilot

Capt. Katie Higgins, M1

1st Blue Angel of the Year

Peter Heston, 1980

1st African American Non-Pilot

#8, Events Coordinator, Lt. Bruce Dillard

1st African American CO/Pilot

Cmdr. Donny Cochran

1st Fallen Angel

Lt. j.g. Ross "Robbie" Robinson

1st Safe Ejection

Lt. Cmdr. Ray Hawkins

1st Supersonic Ejection

Lt. Cmdr. Ray Hawkins

1st Safe Ejection in Combat

Cmdr. Harley Hall

Last Successful Ejection

Lt. Ted "Bunza" Steelman, December 1st, 2004

1st CMC

AVCM Colbert

Who Designed the Paint Scheme?

Reverend Jack Fallon

Who Designed the Crest

Lt. Cmdr. Dusty Rhodes

The Team was Disbanded and Sent to Korea

1950, Became VF-191 Satan's Kittens

Team Reactivated After Korean Conflict

1951 at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas

Honorary Flight Leaders

10 Total. Ernest Borgnine, Bob Hope, Dave Sheuer, Dale Specht, Jon "Trader Jon" Weissman, Vice Adm. Jack Fetterman, USN (Ret), Glenn Huber, Capt. Richard E. Luehrs, USN (Ret), Roger Wolfe Kahn, Don Duncan, Donald Lambe.