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Prinicpal antidiarrheal agents
MA of diphenoxylate and loperamide
opioid agonists, mediated by peripheral mu receptors
Why is diphenoxylate given with atropine
To provide unpleasant side effects to discourage substance abuse (it may decrease gastric motility but this isn't the main reason)
Contraindications for anti-diarrheal agents
They can cause constipation, don't use in UC patients
Why use bismuth subsalicylate as an antidiarrheal?
Antidiarrheal properties due to its antimicobial activity
How does Pepto bismol reduce flatulence?
It binds hydrogen sulfide
Drug used for diarrhea in IBS patients
Alosetron a 5-HT3 antagonist
Side effects of Alosetron
Constipation and potentially fatal ischemic colitis
How do laxatives work
Increase fluid retention
Decrease colonic absorption of H2o and salt
Increased gastric motility
Tegaserod and its use
5-HT4 agonis treament for IBS in woment and idiopathic chronic constipation in men and women
Side effects of tegaserod
Diarrhea, flatulence, and cholecystitis
Bulk laxatives
Osmotically active agents
Milk Mn
NaPO3/Na biphosphate
Lactulose (takes 24-48 hrs)
Polyethylene glycol (Miralax)
Docusates (colace) serves as stool-softening agent
Stimulate laxatives MA
Promote water and salt accumulation in colonic lumen and inhibit Na/K ATPase
Stimulant laxatives
(there are 4)
Cascara sagrada (speed evacuation of drug overdose)
Senna (ExLax)
Castor oil

*quick acting 6-8 hours