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What was the order from the Lord to Adam to subdue the earth?
dominion mandate
What is man's "hard work" to make a living?
What type of industry includes agriculture and mining?
primary industry
What type of farmer produces only enough for his household?
subsistence farmer
What is the name of the crop that farmers sell to raise money?
cash crop
What is the type of farmer who produces large cash crops for profit?
commercial farmer
What is subsistence husbandry?
nomadic herding
What are the useful substances that can be found in the earth?
natural resource
What are the solid crystals found in rocks that occur naturally and have a definite chemical composition?
What is the most important type of mineral that is shiny, malleable, ductile, and conductive?
What is aluminum ore?
What is the name for a combination of metals, such as steel?
What are the common minerals farmers add to soil to make it able to produce crops?
What types of fuels are made from the remains of living things?
fossil fuel
What type of fossil fuel is a solid rock?
What is a liquid fossil fuel?
What is a gaseous fossil fuel?
natural gas
What industries take raw materials and change them into a useful form?
secondary industry
What are the natural resources that have been extracted by primary industries?
raw material
What refers to big businesses and machines that turn raw materials into new products?
What is the period of radical change from 1750 to 1850?
Industrial Revolution
What is the application of modern science to industry called?
What is the oil called that is the dark liquid that comes out of the ground?
crude oil
What are the light chemicals that are converted after being extracted from kerosene?
What are the industries that produce services?
tertiary industry
What are the basic energy and equipment needs of all industries?
How is electricity measured? It is the amount of work done by one thousand watts in one hour.
kilowatt hour (kWh)
What type of resource will run out some day?
nonrenewable resource
What type of resource has a virtually unlimited supply and produces relatively little pollution?
renewable resource
How are ideas and information passed on to a large group of people?
mass communication
What industry prints the three major forms of publications?
publishing industry
Sending messages through electronic impulses is called what?
What businesses buy goods in large quantities from producers to sell in smaller quantities to other businesses?
wholesale business
What business sells goods directly to customers?
retail business
What is the study of the choices about the best way to develop and distribute goods and services?
What is the money used to build industries?
What is the economic system under which private individuals or corporations build most industries?
What is another name for capitalism because businesses freely compete in the markeplace?
free market
What is the economic system under which the government owns the major industries?
What is the monetary value of all the goods and services produced for sale within a country's borders over the course of a year?
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
What is the average value of products produced by each person in the country?
per capita GDP
What is the difference between the raw materials of an item and its final worth?
value added
What are the seven countries called that produce over three-fourths of all value added by manufacture?
Group of 7 (G-7)
What countries have a wide range of industries that take full advantage of their people's skills?
developed country
What countries have high GDP by virtue of their large population, but the per capita GDP is very low?
developing country
What are the people or businesses that buy products from an industry?
What are the goods shipped to other countries?
What is the opposite of protectionism?
free trade
What is the permanent body with one representative for every nation that was established in 1987?
World Trade Organization (WTO)
What are the taxes on imports and exports?