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Compare and contrast the body structures of roundworms and flatworms.
Roundworms have a pseudocoelom and two body openings. Flatworms are acoelomates with only one body opening.
Infer why children should be taught to wash their hands before eating.
to prevent infection by parasitic worms and bacteria
Outline the method of infection ofAscaris.
-enters the humans body through the mouth -hatches in the humans intestines -moves into blood stream, then to lung -coughed up and reswallowed -cycle begins again
Compare how humans are infected by a hookworm and byTrichinella.
Hookworm is contracted by walking barefoot on contaminated soil. Trichinella is contracted by eating contaminated, improperly cooked pork or wild game.
An infection of pinworms is spreading among children at a preschool. Make a list of precautions that could be taken to stop its spread.
good personal hygiene, such as washing hands, clothing, and bedding
Make a table of the characteristics of four roundworm parasites, list their names, how the parasite is contracted, its action in the body, and means of prevention
Ascaris- lives in soil. Enters through mouth, hatches in intestines, moves into blood stream and lungs, coughed up and reswallowed. Prevent by wearing gloves in soil and proper hygeine

Trichinella- found in infected pork and wild game. Swallowed by host, causes disease trichinosis. Can be prevented by properly cooking meat.

Hookworm- found in contaminated soil. Get it by walking barefoot on soil. Makes you feel weak and tired due to blood loss. Prevent by wearing shoes.

Pinworms- get by eating eggs. Matures in hosts intestinal tract. Female exits hosts anus as it sleeps and lays eggs on nearby skin. Eggs fall onto bed or other surfaces and are easily spread to other hosts because they can survive for up to two weeks on surfaces.
a disease caused by the roundworm Trichinella that can be ingested in raw or undercooked pork, pork products, or wild game.