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What is facilitated diffusion?

When medium sized non-lipid based molecules enter the cell through carrier proteins

Do plastids contain their own DNA?


Do plastids follow the theory of endosymbiosis?


In what situation is the potassium/sodium pump in a cell is used?

Sodium leaks into the cell and needs to be pumped out to reset neurons for another action potential.

Why is it called a "membrane pump"?

The carrier proteins are called pumps because they transport substances from areas of high concentration to low.

How do you trigger an action potential (electrical impulse)?

Sodium ions enter the cell

Is the cell self-sustainable?


What is the cell membrane also called?

Fluid mosaic model

What are carrier proteins also called?

Ion channels



What are 7 signs of cancer?

1) Change in bowel/bladder habits

2) Sores that don't heal

3) Unusual bleeding or discharge

4) Lumps

5) Indigestion/difficulty swallowing

6)Change in size/colour of moles

7) Persistent coughing

Does the mitochondria have its own DNA?


What happens to the Protooncon-genes during cancer initiation?

They turn into onion-genes

What are the two types of tumours?


-Malignant (cancerous)

What is a tumour?

A mass of rapidly growing cells

What are the three types of cancer treatment options?

_Radiation therapy

-Chemo therapy


Give two examples of what the nucleus does?

-In charge of waste management

-In charge of reproduction

What is the function of the mitochondria?

Takes care of the cellular respiration.

What is the name of the cytoplasm within the nucleus?


Since plant cells cannot be in a hypotonic state, what do they develop instead?

Tuggor pressure.

What is tugger pressure? (State the percentages of solute to solvent)

When there is an enlarged vacuole and allows the plant to stand up. It has 20% solute and 80% solvent.

What is cancer?

The uncontrollable and rapid growth of cells.

Can cancer attack plants?


What are the top 6 types of cancer?

1) Lung

2) Coloreetal

3) Breast

4) uterine

5) Skin

6) Prostate

Is the Endoplasmic Reticulum an extenuation of the nuclear membrane?


What are the three things that plant vacuoles contain?

Enzymes, waste and water

What does the vacuole do when it is full of water?

The vacuole will create water pressure to help the plant stand up

What happens to the plant when it doesn't get enough water?

It will wilt and sag

What acts as a cytoskeleton WITHIN the plant cell?

Microtubules and microfilaments

What acts as a cytoskeleton OUTSIDE of the cell?

Cilia and flagella