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Homology suggested…
relationships among species
Paleontology suggested…
-Evolution. (saw that species changed) (early 1800’s)
-Fossils found of extinct species & they suggested similarities btw current & past species

-"On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection"
4 Main Observations:
1. Reproduction increases population unless factors limit it.
2. Individuals in a species are not identical.
3. Some variation among individuals is inherited.
4. Not all offspring survive to reproduce.
*Darwin’s major inference from his observations:
-Variations among individuals affect probability of surviving & reproducing --> probability of passing on those characteristics
Darwin’s major contribution…
-Natural Selection.
(Processes of evolution)
-Change in the properties of a species over generations

-Development of new & separate species.
Natural Selection
-The differential survival &reproduction of organisms w/ heritable characteristics
Survival of the "fittest"-

(Later called "Sexual Selection")
-refers to how well a species or member of the species “fits” into its niche.
(A BEHAVIORIAL &/or PHYSICAL gene mutation may be selected if it’s adaptive.
-Physical traits & behaviors
evolve in a species over time)
4 Steps:
1. (Mutations create Variation)
2. (Unfavorable mutations hamper reproduction & are selected OUT)
3. (Reproduction & mutation continue)
4. (Adaptive mutations are favored & spread thru the population)
-similar features that evolved separately
Contrast with homology-
features based on common ancestry – seal’s flippers and your arm
Similar function
(my arm & elephant’s trunk)