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is the ability to see and distinguish finer details


is when the specimen is in focus with one objective, then when changing from one objective to another, the specimen will almost be in focus


is the degree to which an image details stand out against their backgrounds

Field of view

is the area within the eyepiece. It decreases with increasing magnification


is when the specimen is in the center of the eyepiece viewing area with one objective, and then the specimen will almost be in the center with the next higher objective

Depth of Field

is the focal length with viewing a specimen. It decrease then there is increasing magnification

ie:camera focuses/zooms in on hero or couple kissing


is the increase in apparent size of an object

Magnification Vs Resolution

(.. vs 00) the ability to see two dots as separate dots is magnification with good resolution

(.. vs **) is magnification with poor resolution


(10X) magnifies 10 times


(4X-red, 10X-yellow, 40X-blue)

100x-white, oil immersion( do not use)


Specimen is placed on

Specimen holder

spring loaded clamp to hold slide in place, DO NOT LIFT UP

Coarse adjustment knob

Use for 4X objective only. Major change in focus

Fine Adjustment Knob

Minor changes in focus

Iris diaghragm lever

opens/closes iris diaphragm to adjust contrast


focuses light on specimen

condenser height adjustment knob

moves condenser to focus light on specimen


increase/decrease light

XY axis knob

moves stage/specimen on X & Y axis

"e" slide

observes field of view

"three threads" slide

Depth of Field

Diatom Slide

Domain Eukarya, Kingdom Protista

Volvox slide

Domain Eukarya, Kingdom Protista

Organic molecules

based on carbon atoms

covalent bond

when two atoms share electrons


when two units or monomers are linked together by a covalent bond


linking many monomers together by a covalent bond

dehydration synthesis

(removal of water) process by which monomers are linked together


breaking covalent bonds by the addition of water

Ribose Vs Deoxyribose

found in RNA, Found in DNA


simple sugar

ie glucose (blood sugar)

Fructose (fruit sugar)

Benedicts Test

Reducing sugars

+ light green to yellow, to orange to brick red

(green lowest concentration, red highest)

- blue color

Lugol's iodine test


iodine-potassium iodide

3 drops

+ blackish color

- amber color

Paper Spot test


a drop of water is the control

+ translucent spot

- no spot

Sudan IV Test

Lipid (vegetable oil)

five drops

+pink/red on top

- pink throughtout

Biuret Test

protein (albumin

10 drops of 10% sodium hydroxide (NaOH)

5 drops o f of 0.05% copper sulfate (CuSO4)

+violet color


Phenol red

carbonic acid formation