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tree ring analysis
what is used to get a tree ring sample for analysis?
increment borer
what is the term for a fern with leaf gaps and branching veins?
microphyllous leaves
lower leaf
leaf of a fern
leaflet of fronds
circinate vernation
coiled pattern young fronds has
which ferns are heterosporous?
marsilea and selviniales
what is the protective covering around a sorus called?
help sori distribution in ferns
what is unique about polypodium?
no indusium, exposed sori
fern gametophytes
3-lobed sporangia
either all male or female
what is unique and explain the structure of equisetum
div=pteridophyta, order=equisetales, g=equisetum
microphyllous leaves
sheaths at nodes
strobili on top composed of sporangiophores w/6 sporangia, homosporous have special hydroscopic elaters
what are the four divisions of gymnosperms?
coniferophyta, cycadophyta, ginkophyta, gnetophyta
what is the largest division of gymnosperms?
arrangement in ring in a eudicot
arrangement in monocot, scattered
what are the main differences between the monocot and eudicot?
monocot=3 flower parts, atactostele arrangement, 1 cotyledon, parallel leaf venation, secondary growth from vascular cambium absent

eudicot=4 or 5 plant parts, 2 cotyledons, eustele arrangment, secondary growth, net-like leaf venation
what is the flowering head of a sunflower?
what is the difference between ray and disc flowers?
ray flowers on outside, disc flowers inside
what does primary root emerge from?
embryonic radicle
what is the lower part of the stem?
hypocotyl, adventourous roots may emerge from here
what are the four major functions of a root?
anchorage, conduction, storage, and absorption
where is the ground meristem, protoderm, and procambium located?
in root tip, procambium is the middle, ground meristem outside that, protoderm is outside covering
What where do the secondary xylem and phloem develop?
vascular cambium
What is produced from the cork cambium
cork and phelloderm
What does the apical meristem mainly account for?
height and length
what are the prickles on ther rosebush?
outgrowths of epidermal tissue