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info about Plantae?
alteration of generation life cycle, cellulose cell walls, autotrophic
info on Animalia?
diploid life cycle, nutrition by ingestion, no cell walls..etc
What is homothallic vs heterothallic?
homothallic reproduces asexually, hetero. need two to come together
What is a mass of fungal hyphae?
what are hyphae that penetrate living cells?
What are the members of the fungi Kingdom/
parasite (live off the living), saprophytes (live off dead), symbionts (live w/photosynthetic partner)
What is the main ecological role of fungi?
What is the reproductive cycle of fungi?
haploid and undergoes zygotic meiosis
What do fungi get their nutrients?
What are the 4 divisions of fungi?
Zygomycota (bread molds), Ascomycota (sac fungi & lichens & Fungi imperftic), Basidiomycota (club fungi, rusts, smuts), Chytridiomycota
How are fungi primarily categorized?
coenocytic hyphae, formation of zygosporangia
What division & kingdom are parasites and saprophytes in?
K=fungi, zygomycota
What is Rhizopus?
common bread mold
What is Phycomyces?
dung fungus
what is pilobolus?
dung fungus, cap thrower
What is Entomophthora?
parasite on house flies
How do members of the division Ascomycota reproduce?
sexually by forming asci and ascospores
What are some characteristics of Ascomycota?
form separate hyphae, divided into 2 classes-Hemiascomycetes (no ascocarp) and euascomycetes (ascocarp)
what is an example of a hemiascomycete?
yeast-Saccharomyces, reproduce by budding or
Schizosaccharomyces (fission yeast) reproduce by binary fission-great for research
What are the three forms of ascocarps?
1-cleistothecia=round no opening
2-perithecium=flask shaped, w/opening
What is an example of a free-living saprophyte in the class euascomycetes?
peziza-cup fungus which forms apothecium
What is Scarcoscypha?
bright red related to peziza the cup fungus that forms an apothecium
What is an exmaple of a free-living euascomycete?
Morchella esculenta (common morel)
What is a morchella, what k,D,C?
K-fungi, D-Ascomycete, C-Euascomycete, forms modified apothecium
What is an example of a parasite in the class of euascomycetes, div=ascomycota?
Claviceps purpurea (ergot of rye), produces a perithecium; ascosporses infect young rye plants, and produce swollen grains (sclerotia), if stroma w/perithecia and ascospores is ground to flour=St. Anthony's Fire
What is an example of a symbiont?
truffle a (mycorrhiza) w/roots of tree
Ex. Tuber
What are obligate symbionts?
lichens, in class euascomycetes,
What is a composite thallus? what does it?
unlike either partner
What is a photosynthetic partner called?
photobiont (usually green algae or cyanobacterium
HOw many species of lichen are there worldwide?
18,000 in ascomycota division
What are imperfecti fungi, what division are they in?
Deuteromycetes, only reproduce asexually, ascomycota division, 10,000 species
What are some examples of fungi imperfecti?
penicillium, aspergillus (human allergen), fusarium (commone cause of wilts)
What causes wilts?
What are some characteristics of basidiomycetes?
sexual reproduction involves basidiospores and basidia, members produce complex separate hyphae
What are the three major classes of Basidiomycota?
What are the 2 classes of basidiomycetes?
What some examples of hymenomycetes and what is their differences?
mushrooms, bracket fungi, coral fungi--basidia produced on the basidiocarp
What is the commone name of teliomycetes?
What is the common name of ustomycetes?
What type of organism are teliomycetes and ustomycetes?
What is an example of a teliomycete?
Puccinia graminis (wheat rust)
How does the Puccinia gramis work?
(wheat rust), two stages on barberry plant (aecia and spermagonia), two stages on wheat plant (uredinia and telia)
What is Gymnosporangium?
ceder-apple rust
What is a major difference between teliomycetes and ustomycetes?
ustomycetes have only one host
What is the hymenium?
a fertile layer where basidia are produced