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Name 3 Belgian beer styles
List a commercial example for each.
Lambic, Belgian Blonde, Dubbel, Trippel, Wit/Witbier, Belgian Dark Strong, Fruit Lambc, Saison, Gueze, Flanders Red, Flanders Brown, Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Strong Ale
Out of German Pilsner & Bohemian Pilsner which is lighter in colour and body?
German Pilsner
What is the IBU range for an American IPA
Which beer style is Cologne famous for?
a) Helles
B) Vienna Lager
c) Kolsh
D) Maebock

Describe the style
C) Kolsh

Beer brewed using ale yeast at a lower temperature
Whats style is Newcastle brown?
Norther English Brown Ale
What is the main difference between Scottish Ale & Scotch Ale?

what is a common nick name for the later
Scottish Ale is weaker (ABV) than Scotch ale.

Wee Heavy
Name 2 Trappist Breweries

What is the difference between a Trappist beer and an Abbey beer?
Orval, Rochefort, Chimay, Westmalle, Westvleteren, Achel, La Trappe, St Josephs Abbey, Maria Toevlucht

Trappist beers are brewed by operating monasteries either by monks or under the instruction of monks.
What are the the main differences in ingredients- between a german weissbier and a belgian witbier
Witbier has the addition of Gruit (spices such as coriander and orange peel) and uses unmalted wheat where wiessbier uses malted wheat.
What is the common name for 'Sweet Stout'

What ingredient gives it this name?

Why is it called a Sweet Stout?
Milk Stout

Lactose Sugar

Because the Lactose sugar cannot be fermented out giving it additional sweetness.
Black ale style whose first name and distinguishing ingredient is a non-barley grain which it contains

Give a commercial example of this style
Oatmeal Stout
What is a Cream Ale?
Ale/ Lager Hybrid- Top fermented beer which is then lagered OR a mix of Ale & Lager
What is the style designation for Anchor Steam Ale?
California Common
What is the IBU Range for an American Pale Ale
Name some flavours that are characteristic of a Belgian Dubbel

Name a commercial example of the style
Raisiny, Toasted coffee, brown sugar, yeasty bread, dried fruit
What is a common bacteria that is desirable in belgian lambics
What does ESB stand for?
Give a commercial Example of the style
Extra Special (or strong) Bitter
What are the main differences between an American IPA and an English IPA
The use of native hops.
What are 2 common adjuncts used in American Adjunct Lager?

What is the purpose of adding these ingredients?
Corn, Rice

Increased yield and economy + greater clarity.
Name the belgian style traditionally produced to hydrate the farm workers during the summer months?

Name 3 commercial examples of the style
When is Maibock traditionally produced to be consumed?
Name one commercial example
May/ Spring
Name 3 beer styles brewed in and around Munich
German Pilsner, German Helles, Marzen, Spezial, Oktoberfest, Dunkel, Bock, Doppelbock, Helle weisbier, kristal weissbier, dunkel weissbier, Weizen bock
Why does a goat often appear on the labels of bocks?
The style originated in the town of Einbeck- when it was adopted by the in Munich brewers their thick bavarian accent pronounced it 'Ein Bock' (A billy Goat). and so the beer became known as Bock and the goat image remains today.
Name a stye where Acetic acid is a positive name a style where it is a negative.
Positive- Flanders Red
Negative... loads.
Would the following be true of a Mild Ale?
Low perceived bitterness, often amber to brown in colour 4.5-5.5% abv
False- 2.8-4.5% ABV
What style is guinness.
Dry Stout (Irish Stout)
In what city are lambics & Gueze made?
Describe a Berlinerweisse

Give 2 commercial examples.
A low abv sour beer, light in colour and body- traditionally brewed in berlin. Often flavoured with cordials.
What flavours that are present in german wheat beers should not be apparent in American Wheat beers?

Banana & Clove.

The yeast used does not produce these esters.
Describe the malt character of a blonde ale.
Bread and light biscuit- pale malts
What style is the following:

Amber to Dark Amber in colour with a pronounced bitterness (25-40 IBUs) and citrus/piney flavours.

Give a commercial example of the style
American Amber Ale
Name the style:

Dark Gold to Dark Amber in colour highly assertive bitterness (60-120IBU) an extreme expression of a regional hop character.

Give a commercial example
Imperial IPA
What is a common name given to Belgian Dark Strong Ales?

Give a commercial Example
Haze would be a likely problem in which style of beer:
Bavarian Hefe
German Pils
Belgian Wit
or American Wheat
German Pils
Pale lager created and consumed in Munich
Helles Lager
Amber lager named for Austrian capital
Dark German lager style whose name translates as "black"
The style dubbed "liquid bread" created to sustain fasting monks

A) doppelbock
B) altbier
C) dubbel
Specialty lager made from malt dried directly over a wood fire

bonus: what type of wood is traditionally used?

Brewed on the banks of the Rhine river, Zum Uriege is a classic example of this style
German style known for distinct tartness produced by lactobacillus
Blend of one-, two- and three-year old spontaneously fermented Brussels-region wheat-containing ale
Strong (>8% abv) pale Belgian-style ale of monastic origin
Refreshingly well-attenuated yellow-orange Belgian/French-style ale with complex fruit-spice aroma and some earthy notes
Style name used for the strongest stouts
Russian Imperial Stout
A beer that contains no roast or black malts and is often the strongest of English ales
English Barleywine
Similar to American Pale Ale but with slightly more malt character
American Amber Ale
Often malt-balanced ale with a color between that of amber and stout