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Berlioz intended to be _______ when he moved to Paris


A school of music in Paris


What is the result of Berlioz variety of music?

Devotees of one work may dislike another

Why is Franck's judgement of Berlioz great pieces that they are all masterpieces?

Berlioz almost never repeats himself, each composition has fresh style.

When did Haydn leave home?


Who did Haydn become friends with

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

What caused Haydn to go to London?

Johan Peter Soloman commissioned 6 new symphonies and 20 smaller pieces for Haydn to conduct in London

How many symphonies did Haydn write in London?


Near the end of his life, to whom did Hadyn teach music?

Ludwig Van Beethoven.

What was Tallis and Byrd granted by Queen Elizabeth I?

The monopoly for printing music and music paper

Tallis was the first composer to do what?

He was one of the first composer to provide settings of the English liturgy.

Where can most of Tallis keyboard work be found?

Mid 16th-century manuscript Mulliner book

Composer that helpped keep Tallis famous

Ralph Vaughan William

Basis foe musicals from 1800s

European Opperettas

What was unique about the musical Oklahoma

First fully integrated musical play

1950s three key elements of musicals

Composers, directors, and female stars

What is a concept musical?

Shows based on ideas rather than traditional plots

What stopped creation of more mega-musicals in the 1900s?

Costs were so high that even long-running mega-musicals weren't making money

Whole tone scale

Scale where each note is separated by a whole step

How many whole tone scales are there?

There are two possible whole tone scales

Pentatonic scale

Musical scale with five notes per octave

What does it mean that a pentatonic scale is gapped.

Pentatonic scales skip notes that minor and major scales would have.

What are the two different ways to write tempos.

A note length and a number. Or by terms that indicate a range of beats per minute.


Linear succession of musical tones


The playing of multiple notes at the same time


The addition of chords to a melody

Oldest piece of equipment on the list


What should you consider when picking software?

Budget, experience, live or studio performance

Title of person who plays music on radio.

Disk Jockey (DJ)

Person who creates music and sound effects for video.

Audio programmer

Person who manages the company's Instagram account.

Social media specialist

Who creates music apps.

IT programmer

What job has responsibility of leading a group of performers.

Music conductors

Who creates music?

Music composers

Difference between choreographer and dance instructor.

Choreographer creates/arranges original dances. Dance instructor teaches and demonstrates dances for srudents.

Makes sure public understands current news in music

Music journalist