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imperative principle

do what is right

generalization argument

do what is right but filter the action by consideration of the consequences

utillitarian principle

do what produces the greatest good

the principle of consistency

consider what would be the consequences if everyone made the same choice that you are about to make

the principle of respect

choose the alternative choice that treats people with the greatest respect

corporate social responsibility

a firms obligations to society including the welfare of people and places affected by its activities

csr actions

provide quality products or services

engage in eihicalaccounting and principled business practices

be responsible for fair treatment of employees

meet the firms obligations to all stakeholders (customers suppliers creditors lenders and investors)

care for and protect the environment

internal controls

a system of rules and procedures designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial and accounting information

internal control procedures

preventative: preventing accidental errors and irregularities(intentional misrepresentations)

feedback: identifying errors and irregularities for corrective action