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1 way to tell its a mutual fund by the ticker?
ends in X
Amount of portfolio that should be in domestic and international?
50 50
The largest benefit of ETF over mutual fund?
alot cheaper and tax advantages
What does a spyder track? what a bout a diamond?
ETF's trade like
5 things newbies need to avoid?
play it too safe, disregarding risk, overpaying, investing based on headlines, cutting and running
Difference between Balance sheet for corporate finance and personal
Personal is fair market value of all assets
Equation for personal balance sheet?
assets = libs +net worth
If your net worth is ________ you are ______ and have enough assets to cover your financial obligations
positive solvent
If your net worth is _________ your
________ and do not have enough assets to cover your financial obligations
Negative insolvent
is there accrual accounting in personal finance?
total income - total expenses=
cash surplus or deficit
Deficit spending does what?
decrease net worth
A short term financial plan that helps you achieve your financial objectives?
Total debt over total assets=
financial leverage ratio
What ratio do you look at to see, can you pay our bills? what is it? what number?
Liquidity ratio, Liquid assets over total current debt, less then one means you need to borrow
Which ratio does the US suck at? and what is the equation
savings ratio, contribution to savings over income after taxes
Whats the debt service ratio
total monthly loan payments/ total monthly income