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Which 2 factors influence the Earth's temperature?
The length of day & the angle of the Sun's rays.
What are the major factors that result in the wide distribution of pressure over the earth's surface?
The unequal heating of Earth's surface due to it's tilt, rotation, & differential insolation
What effect does Coriolis force have on thermal circulation in the Northern Hemisphere?
The rotation of Earth causes a force that affects thermal circulation, causing it to be deflected to the right of the direction of movement in the northern hemisphere.
According to the 3-cell theory, how many circulation belts are there?
According to the 3-cell theory, what type of pressure system would you normally find at 30 degrees north latitude?
subsidence or high pressure is usually found at 30 degrees north latitude
What is the predominant wind system in the tropics?
The trade winds
Name 2 types of pressure gradient.
Horizontal & Vertical
What is the difference between centrifugal force & centripetal force?
CentriPETal Force is directed toward the center of rotation.
CentriFUGal Force is directed outward from the center of rotation.
What is the difference between gradient wind & geostrophic wind?
Gradient Wind flow is parallel to the curved portion of the analysis. Geostrophic Wind is the windflow that is parallel to that portion of the analysis showing straight flow.
What is the relationship between centrifugal force and pressure gradient force around anticyclones?
the centrifugal force acts with the pressure gradient force
What is the term that defines the formation of an anticyclone or the intensification of an existing anticyclone?
What is the direction of the windflow around a cyclone?
How do temperatures change within a Cold-Core Low?
Temperatures decrease toward the center.
Low pressure due to intense heating over the southwestern US is an example of which type of low-pressure system?
Warm-Core Low
What is the cause of monsoon winds?
The unequal heating & cooling of land & water surfaces.
What causes land & sea breezes?
The diurnal (daily) contrast in the heating of local water & land areas.
Describe Bernoulli's theorem
Pressures are least where velocities are greatest, & pressures are greatest where velocities are least.
When does a valley breeze usually reach its maximum?
in the early afternoon
What causes eddies?
When the wind flows over or adjacent to rough terrain, buildings, mountains or other obstructions.
What causes Foehn winds?
Adiabatic heating of descending air on the lee sides of mountains.