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What week does gestational HTN begin?
-gestational HTN begins after the 20th week of pregnancy
What are the diagnostic criteria to dx gestational HTN?
-BP @ 140/90 or greater
-systolic increase of 30mmHg above baseline
-diastolic increase of 15mmHg above baseline
-protein urea
T/F: it is ok for the clt who has gestational HTN to have a return to BP baseline by 6 wks postpartum.
What are some ssx of Magnesium Sulfate toxicity?
-absence of patellar DTRs
-Urine output <30 ml/hr
-resp <12/min
-decreased level of consciousness (LOC)
What should the RN do when mag sulfate toxicity is suspected?
-immediately discontinue the infusion
-administer calcium gluconate (IV admin of 1g (10ml of 10% soln) at 1ml/min)
If urine out put falls below 20ml/hr should the mag sulfate infusion be discontinued?
-No, the MD should be notified so that the drug's administration level can be adjusted to maintain a therapeutic range
T/F: Calcium opposes the effects of mag sulfate at the neuromuscular junction.
As a safety percaution when administering Mag sulfate IV, what medication should be at hand?
-Calcium Gluconate (injectable form)