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What is an Albedo?
The % of incoming sunlight that the moon's surface reflects.
Define an impact crater.
Craters on the moon formed when objects smash into the lunar surface.
What is a ray?
Long trails of ejecta formed after an impact.
Describe regolith.
A layer of loose, ground up rock.
What are the lunar highlands
Heavily cratered areas of the moon that are light in color and mountainous.
What is a mascon?
An area within the maria that has a higher gravitational pull.
What are basalt?
Dark colored rocks, rich in iron and magnesium.
What are ejecta?
Material blasted out after an object crashes into the lunar surface.
Define a Rille.
Valley-like structures that might be collapsed lava tubes.
What is the central peak of a crater?
A pile of rocks in the center, which is hill like