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What are the types of asexual reproduce?

Binary fission, fragmentation, Budding, vegetative reproduction and spore formation

How many types of asexual reproduction have you studied?


What is the outcome of asexual reproduction?

When the genetic information is duplicated and the cell splits it equal cells with the exact same information.

What are some advantages of asexual reproduction?

-A large number of offspring are produced quickly

-large colonies can form that can out-compete other organisms for nutrients and water

-energy is not required to find a mate

- less likely to become extinct

What are the disadvantages of asexual reproduction?

-A genetic mutation can make asexually produced organisms susceptible to to disease and can destroy large numbers of offspring

-Less genetic variety

-Some methods produce offspring that are to close together and have to compete for food

-less likely to evolve

A special reproductive cell that can grow into a new individual (by mitosis) when the conditions are right.

Spore formation

If an organism breaks part as a result of injury, each piece can develop into a clone of its parent.


Part of a cell pushes outward to form an outgrowth or bud. This bud then pinches off from the parent to become a cell that is identical to the parent cell.


Very muhvloke mitosis. A single parent cell replicates it's genetic material and divides into two equal parts.

Binary fission

Special cells, usually in plant stems and roots, divide repeatedly to form structures that will eventually develop into a plant identical to the parent.

Vegetative reproduction

What type of asexual reproduction is this? Give examples.

Spore formation.

Bacteria, mould, ferns & mosses

What type of asexual reproduction is this? Give examples.

Starfish, some mushrooms, some plants

What tye of asexual reproduction is this? Give examples.


Yeast, hydra, & sea sponges

What type of asexual reproduction is this? Give examples.

Binary fission.

Bacteria (and other prokaryotes), & amoeba.

What type of asexual reproduction is this? Give examples.

Vegetative Reproduction.

Plants, ie) potatoes, African violets, apples, & strawberries.