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Improvements on Milgram

-Participants from Milgram were assured that there would be no permanent harm to the learner

-'old fashioned' method of punishment


To evaluate how participants would obey orders to psychologically abuse a job interviewee

Set up

-Researcher, Participant and job applicant

-Participant was told job recquired ability to handle stress so he had to stress out the job applicant

-Also told that it was a research on the relation between stress and test success

Negative coments

15 negative remarks everytime they got a question wrong.

32 questions

The remarks led to the participant to lose the job

Screen next to participant showed level of stress


39 18-55 years old of at least high school graduation

15 control

24 experimental

Volunteer offered money


Question 9 - You've got it wrong

End- I think you're better suited for a lower function job


22 - 24 obeyed till the end

Were very upset by the procedure


73% Believed it

23% Werent sure

4% Thought it was a hoax

Variation 1

No experimenter-

8-22 made all stress remarks

Variation 2

Peers - 3-19 made all stress remarks


Obedience was higher because:

Psychological harm is less evident

Different consent levels

Victim was dependent on the outcome

Evaluation strengths

Replicable - Detailed Procedure

Internal Validity - Strong Contols


Artificial- sittuation is not realistic