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Article 3 (1)

Definition of a mental disorder as mental illness, mental handicap or other disability of mind

Article 3 (2)

Excludes definition by only of personality or metal conduct

Article 18 (2)

Criteria person must meet to be received into guardianship

Article 19

Guardianship application can be made by ASW or nearest relitive

Article 18 (3)

Guardianship needs 2 medical recommendations and 1 welfare recommendation

Article 18 (3) (b)

Include statement from ASW why necessary.

Article 22

Guardians 3 essential powers

Article 24

ASW discharge order

Article 129

Powers to police

Article 129 (1)

Warrant police to enter property and remove person to place of safety for 48h

Article 130

Removal of patient from public place.

Article 4(2)

Criteria for compulsory admittance of a patient for assessment.

Article 9 (8)

Patient is liable to be detained for assessment for a period of 7 days that can be extended for another 7

Article 12 (1)

Detention for treatment. Can last 6 months, then another six then annually.

Article 10

Disregard period for someone only admitted for assessment

Article 63

Consent and second opinion

Article 64

Continued administration of medication past period of 3 months.