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Chi Rho page from the Book of Kells, late 8th century, Early Medieval Britain

Hinged Clasp from Sutton Hoo ship burial, 7th century, Anglo-Saxon

Symbol of the Evangelist Matthew, Book of Durrow, 7th century, Early Medieval Britain

Matthew Writing His Gospel, Lindisfarne Gospel, c. 715, Early Medieval Britain

Maius, Woman Clothed with the Sun, The Morgan Beatus, c. 940, Mozarabic

Gripping Beasts, Oseberg Ship, c. 815, Viking

Stave Church, c. 1125, Norway

Equestrian Portrait of Charles the Bald?, 9th century, Carolingian

Palace Chapel of Charlemagne, 805, Carolingian

Westwork at Church of Corvey, late 9th century, Carolingian

St Matthew, Coronation Gospels, 9th century, Carolingian

St Matthew, Ebbo Gospels, 9th century, Carolingian

Crucifixion with Angels and Mourning Figures, 860, Carolingian

St Cyriakus, 970, Ottonian

Gero Crucifix, 970, Ottonian

Hildesheim Doors, 1015, Ottonian

St James, the pilgrimage church at Santiago de Compostela, 1078-1122

Reliquary of St Foy, late 9th c., Romanesque

Notre-Dame, 1140, Romanesque France (an example of a Cistercian church- know stance of Cistercians on decoration)

Cathedral Complex at Pisa, begun 1063, Romanesque Italy

Speyer Cathedral, 1080-1100, Romanesque Holy Roman Empire

Dover Castle, 12th century, Romanesque England

Wiligelmo, Creation of Adam & Eve, Romanesque Italy

Gislebertus ?, Last Judgment, 1130, Romanesque France

Renier, Baptismal Font, Romanesque Holy Roman Empire

Halley’s Comet from the Bayeux Embroidery, c. 1070, Romanesque England

Hildegard, original from 1150, Romanesque Holy Roman Empire

St Denis, 1140, Gothic France (know Abbot Suger’s influence)

Façade of Chartres Cathedral, begun 1130, Gothic France

Royal Portal from Chartres Cathedral, 1145, Gothic France

Rose Window from Chartres Cathedral, 1230, Gothic France

Façade of Reims Cathedral, begun 1225, Gothic France

Sculpture from Reims Cathedral, 1230-1250, Gothic France

Interior of Reims Cathedral, 1220, Gothic France

Interior of St Chapelle, 1240, Gothic France

Matthew Paris, Self-Portrait Kneeling Before the Virgin & Child, 1250, Gothic England

Salisbury Cathedral, begun 1220, Gothic England

Interior, Synagogue, late 13th century, Gothic

St Maurice, 1240, Gothic Germany

Ekkehard and Uta, 1245, Gothic Germany

Nicola Pisano, Annunciation, Nativity and Adoration, 1260, Gothic Italy

Giovanni Pisano, Annunciation, Nativity and Adoration, 1300, Gothic Italy