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Marcel Duchamp, "Fountain". Porcelain.

Gorky, "The Liver is the Cock's Comb". oil on canvas.

de Kooning, "Woman 1". oil on canvas.

Rauschenberg, "Bed". Combine Painting.

Rauschenberg, "Monogram". Combine Painting.

Rauschenberg, "Canyon". Combine Painting

Rauschenberg, "Odalisk". Combine Painting

Robert Frank. "The Americans". Photograph

Richard Stankiewicz, "Diving to the Bottom of the Ocean". Welded Metal

Louise Nevelson, "Sky Cathedral". Painted wood

Oldenburg, "Floor Cake". Soft Sculpture.

Oldenburg. "Soft Dormeyer Mixers". Soft Sculpture.

Oldenburg & van Bruggen, "Clothespin". stainless and cor-ten steel.

Jasper Johns, "Target with Plaster Casts". Encaustic on canvas and plaster.

Johns, "Three Flags". Encaustic on canvas

Johns, "False Start", oil on canvas

Johns, "Painted Bronze". Painted Bronze.

Yves Klein, "Anthropometries". Paint on paper.

Klein, "Living Brushes". Performance

Joseph Beuys, "The Chief". Action

Beuys, "How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare". Action

Beuys, "I like America and America Likes Me". Action

Richard Hamilton, "Just What is it That Makes Today's Homes so Different, so Appealing". collage

Warhol, "Marilyn Diptych". Acrylic on canvas

Warhol, "Gold Marilyn Monroe". Silkscreen and synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Wesselmann, "Great American Nude #57". synthetic polymer paint on composition board

Rosenquist, "F-111". oil on canvas with aluminum

Lichtenstein, "Blam!". Oil on canvas

Lichtenstein, "Little Big Painting". oil on canvas

Jim Nutt, "Miss Sue Port". acrylic on plexiglass with red rubber and blue screws

Westermann, "Memorial to the Idea of Man if He Were and Idea". pine cabinet, toys, and bottlecaps

Kienholz, "Back seat Dodge '38". tableau

Kienholz, "The Wait". tableau

Arneson, "Smorgi-Bob the Cook". ceramic and porcelain glaze

Arneson, "Klown". glazed ceramic

Arneson, "Holy War Head". glazed ceramic

William T. Wiley, "Thank You Hide". mixed media