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One hundred horses

Artist: (Hint)

Qing dynasty

Kneeling, standing, eating, running horses, either alone or by grps

Preserved in natl palace museum

Lang shining

Lang shining

Aka giuseppe castiglione

Court painter

His paintings are regarded by chinese emperors kangxi, yongzheng, qianlong

Helped create a hybrid style (western realism + chinese compositiina and brushwork)

Qing dynasty

Spring morning in the han palace

Artist: (Hint)


Various activities in the palace in early spring (zither, watering, arranging flowers, chess)

115 characs mostly concubines

Rendered w/ crisp brushwork, vicid colors

Qui ying

Qiu ying

Specialized in gongbi brush technique

A great master of ming dynasty

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mt

Artist: (Hint)


Yuan dynasty

Black ink on paper

Artist's Magnun opus

Vividly portrays the beautiful landscape on the banks of fuchun river, rendering the mountains, trees, clouds, villages and capturinh the essence of the natural scenes in south china

Best landscape ink painting in china

Split into 2 by fire (now in zhejiang provincial museum and natl palace museum, taipei)

Huang Gongwang

A thousand li of rivers and mountains

Artist: (Hint)

North song dynasty

Landscape painting in palace museum, beijing

Heavy ink strokes in handscroll vividly depicting mountains, lakes, etc

Wang ximeng

Hang xizai gives a night in banquet

Artist: (Hint)

5 dynasties and 10 kingdoms period

In palace museum, beijing

Scenes of han's banquet thru 5 sections

Han listens to pipa

Han beats drum

Han resting

Han listens to wind music

Guests talk with singers

40+ characters

Gu hongzhong

9 dragon wall

Forbidden city, 1773

To provide privacy, protection fr evil spirits

Part of a large renovation of the northeastern section of the palace to create a retirement villa for emperor qianlong


Lishan giant buddha

Sichuan, china

Carved into Mt Lingyun

1300+ yrs old largest stone buddha, tallest pre modern statue

Sacred, ancient wonder of world

Maitreya, a buddha symbolizing brightness and happiness

Terracotta Army

Discovered in Xian,1974

Buried w/ Emp Qin Shihuang Di

Qin dynasty

Great wall of china

Stone & earthen fortifications to protect north borders.

Shanhaiguan (E) to Lop Nur (NW)

Approx 4500mi

Firbidden City

Emp yongle, 1406-1420

In beijing, capital of Ming Dynasty

Largest palace complex with lavishly decorated ceremonial halls and royal palaces

Xian, China

Where terracotta warriors are

Aka Chang'an ("eternal city")

3000+ y/o

End of Silk road; a birthplace of ancient chinese

Capital of 13 dynasties

Summer Palace


Big, well preserved royal garden

Emp Qianlong constructed in 1750-1765

Flowers & plants, water, rocks, & archi (temples, halls, pavilions, towers)

Temple of Heaven

Emp Yongle, 1406-20

Complex in beijing, ming dynasty

To make offerings to heaven & to pray for a good harvest