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What does ACS stand for?

Army Community Service
What does the ACS symbol represnt?
the heart= giving, the cross= help, the gyroscope=stability.
What is the ACS Mission Statement?

ACS will assist commanders in maintaining readiness of individuals, families, and communities within America's Army by developing, coordinating, and delivering services which promote self-reliance, resiliency, and stability during war and peace.

What army regulation covers ACS?
AR 608-1
How is ACS staffed for the most part?
by volunteers
What is the motto of the ACS?
Self-help, service and stability.
What is the ACS mission?
Improve readiness and increase retention by providing services to assist soldiers and their families in solving problems beyond their ability to solve alone through the provisions of the eight essential services outlined in AR 608-1.
Who qualifies for ACS?
Military Personnel and thier families, mostly new soldiers arriving on post.
What can you do to help out ACS?
Donate Staple foodstuff to the food lockers, time and usable household goods

AER Closely coordinates with what other organization?

American Red Cross

What is the regulation that covers AER?

AR 930-4

Are you required to contribute to AER to receive help?

Who is eligible for AER?
Active Army and family members, national guard and reserve on active duty in excess of 30 days and their family members, spouses and orphans of eligible army personnel who died while on active duty
How are contributions made to AER?
Cash, check or allotment
When is the AER annual fund campaign held army-wide?

March 01 through July 01

How does AER provide relief?
AER provides financial assistance by either a loan without interest, a grant or a combination of both
What is the purpose of AER?
To help Army members and thir Families
What is the dollar limit on AER loans?
There is no dollar limit
What is the AER Motto?
Helping the Army take care of its own

The minimum amount that can be contributed to AER through allotment is what amount?

1 dollar each month for 3 months

How is AER funded?
Through Voluntary contributions from Soldiers (tax free) and through unsolicited contributions
What does ASAP stand for?
Army substance abuse program
What is the mission of ASAP?
is to enhance readiness and increase combat effectiveness of the United States Army, through awareness and preventive education and training, drug testing, clinical evaluation of individuals idnetified with substance problems and rehabilitation for these who possess a potential for continued military service.
What is meant by deglamorization of alcohol?
Personnel will not promote any function glamorizing the use of alcohol through drinking contests, games, initiations, or the awarding of alcoholic beverages as prizes in contest.
What army Regulation covers ASAP?
AR 600-85
Is ASAP participation mandatory for individuals that are command referred?
Yes, refusal to participate constitutes violation of a direct order

What will happen to soldiers who fail to participate in or fail to respond successfully to rehabilitation?

They will be processes for separation

What are the ways that soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem?

Voluntary, Command Referrals, Biochemical, Medical, Investigative or Apprehension

What are the objectives of rehabilitation with ASAp?

Return soldier to full duty as soon as possible. Identify those tht cannot rehabilitated

What are the objectives of Bio-Chemical Testing?

To facilitate early identification of abusers.
Enable commanders to assess the serurity, military fitness, good order and discipline in their units.
to monitor rehabilitation
to determine the presence of illegal drugs during inspections.

Commanders may direct drug testing under what conditions?
Unit inspections. either the entire or part of a unit.
Search and seizues/probable cause.
Command directed/reasonable suspicion.
All referrals are accomplished by the commander or 1SG using what form?
Completing and signing the DA 8003 Referral form.
Can soldiers that are enrolled in an ASAP rehabilitation program reenlist?

no, but soldiers who need additional time to complete thier rehabilitation services may be extended for the number of months required.

Will soldiers who are command referred to ASAP be flagged?

Yes, this provision will be effective when AR 600-8-2 is changed to reflect this provision.

Who is the senior enlisted advisor to the BOSS council, and approves members selected to serve on BOSS committees?

The Installation Command Sergeant Majo

What Army Reg covers BOSS?

AR 215-1

According to AR 215-1, what does the BOSS program provide?

It provides opportunities for active duty soldiers, with an emphasis on single and unaccompanied soldiers, to participate in physical, self-development, leisure, and educational related services.

What type of program is BOSS?

BOSS is categorized as a category B Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) program.

How many officers are on the BOSS council?

Three: President, Vice-President, and Secretary and Treasurer

What is the lowest level unit that has a BOSS council representative?

The battery/company level

What are the 3 pillars of BOSS?

Recreation and Leisure, community service, Well being

Describe the three pillars of boss.

1. Recreation and Leisure: Activities may be planned by the BOSS committee or by the BOSS committee working in conjunction with other MWR activities. Service members will assume a lead role in planning BOSS events. Events should be planned that meet the needs and desires of the single service member.
2. Community Service: The BOSS committee may elect to participate in community programs or projects that make a difference in the lives of others, in the community, and ultimately, in themselves. The service will be voluntary in nature and in accordance with the installation volunteer program. The program can be implemented in support of existing or established volunteer programs or programs developed by the BOSS committee.
3. Well Being: For single service members, Well being includes those things that single service members can directly or indirectly influence to enhance their morale, living environment, or personal growth and development. The well being issue identified or raised during the BOSS meetings will be directed to the appropriated command or staff agency for resolution on the installation.

What regulation covers EFMP?

AR 608-75

What are the objectives of EFMP?

1. To provide certain reimbursable and nonreimbursable medically related services to children with disabilities per
DODI 1342.12 with the same priority as medical care to the active duty Soldier

2. To assess, document, and code the special education and medical needs of eligible Family members

3. To consider the medical needs of the EFM during the continental United States (CONUS) and outside the
continental United States (OCONUS) assignment process.

What is an exceptional family member?

Exceptional Family member
A Family member with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment,
therapy, education, training, or counseling.

What does EFMP stand for and what do they do?

Exceptional Family member program

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program for those family members who require special medical or educational services. The program provides comprehensive services support service that enhances the readiness and quality of life for families with special needs.

What regulation covers MWR?

AR 215-1

How many categories of MWR programs are there?

3 - Mission sustaining, community support programs, revenue generation programs

What is a mission sustaining program?

Considered essential to sustaining readiness, these programs generally enhance and promote the physical and mental
well being of Soldiers. Programs in this category have little or no capacity for generating NAF income and are
supported almost entirely with APFs

Give examples of mission sustaining programs.

Armed forces entertainment, BOSS, gyms/pools, libraries, movies (overseas), nature centers/fitness trails, parks, community recreation centers, sports

What is a community support program?

These programs are closely related, in terms of supporting the military mission, to those grouped in category A. They
satisfy the basic physiological and psychological needs of Soldiers and their Families and provide, to the extent
possible, the community support systems that make military garrisons temporary hometowns for a mobile military
population. These support programs will receive substantial amounts of APF support, but differ from those programs in
category A, in part because of their ability to generate NAF revenues. That ability to generate revenues is limited,
however, and in no case may they be sustained without substantial APF support.

What is a revenue generating program?

These programs have less impact on readiness. They offer desirable social and recreational opportunities. Programs in
this category have the capability of generating enough income to cover most of their operating expenses, but they lack
the ability to sustain themselves based purely on their business activity; consequently, they receive limited APF
support. Chapter 5 addresses funding for category C MWR programs located at remote and isolated sites, funding for
base closures, and funding as a result of special security conditions.

Examples of community support programs.

arts and crafts, automotive skills, bowling, child youth and school services, entertainment, outdoor rec,

Examples of revenue generating programs.

water park, audio/phone retail, bingo, commercial travel, armed forces recreation centers,

Define MWR programs

Programs (exclusive of private organizations) on military installations or on property controlled (by lease or other
means) by a MILDEP or furnished by a DOD contractor that provide for the esprit de corps, comfort, pleasure,
contentment, as well as mental and physical productivity of authorized DOD personnel. They include recreational and
leisure-time programs, self-development programs, resale merchandise and services, or general welfare programs
outlined in this regulation.

What is MWR?

The Army MWR program is a quality-of-life program that directly supports readiness by providing a variety of
community, Soldier, and Family support programs, activities, and services. Included are social, fitness, recreational,
educational, and other programs and activities that enhance community life, foster Soldier and unit readiness, promote
mental and physical fitness, and generally provide a working and living environment that attracts and retains quality

In what year did the Army unveil the Army Family Covenant?


The Army Family Covenant institutionalizes the Army’s commitment to provide Soldier and Families a quality of life commensurate with their level of service and sacrifice to the Nation. It commits the Army to improve Family readiness by doing what?


Standardizing Family programs and services


Increasing accessibility to health care


Improving Soldier and Family housing


Ensuring excellence in child, youth and school services


Expanding education and employment opportunities for Family members

Where is ACS?

Pulaski Barracks, Bldg, 2891

Where is ASAP?


Where is AER?


Who has to approve a soldier for an AER loan?

1SG & CO