Military Mental Health Issues

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Stigma of Mental Services amongst Military Service Members and Veteran who are affected with the Issues of Addiction In reviewing the National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA, 2013, it is noted that U.S military personnel are much more prevalent than civilians to turn to prescription drug abuse, heavy alcohol, and tobacco use due to zero-tolerance policies and stigma pose difficulties in identifying and treating substance use problems in military personnel (NIDA, 2013). Many service members are not seeking treatment for mental health due to the lack of confidentiality. NDIA, (2013) article notes that many service members who are engaged in multiple deployment and combat exposure are at the greatest risk of developing substance use problems. A survey of Health Related Behaviors among Active Duty Personnel was given to active military personnel in 2008 from the Department of Defense (DOD). This survey consists of active military services members ages 18-25 who use drugs. The findings were that the rates of alcohol use and smoking were much higher among those who had been exposed to combat. In 2012 DOD formed ways to address the problems of substance and alcohol use in the military by …show more content…
The discussion examined the prediction of barriers to treatment entry, assessments that influence military cultures, and unit influences on attitudes toward treatment for the service members. The researchers also examined exclusive challenges associated with reserve personnel and they addressed changes in policy to improve access to care. Challenges were associated with reducing stigma and the importance of policy, culture, education, and leadership to educate the desired changes that were

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