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What is the Army EO Policy?
Provide equal opportunity and treatment for soldiers, civilian employees, and their families without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin and to provide an environment free of sexual harassment.
To whom does the Army EO policy apply? (2)
Extends to soldiers, civilian and family members

> Applies both on and off post..
> Applies to "working, living, and recreational environments"
Can military members participate in extremist groups? (Y or N)
EOL's may NOT...
Conduct investigations.
The most effective response to equal opportunity problems is:
On-the-spot correction.
The Commander needs to complete a Climate Assessment Survey within how long?
90 days
Blaming the victim for a situation is called:
Victim focus.
Male-female roles are called:
Negative attitudes toward other groups are called:
Shared behavior is called:
A key element in receiving feedback is:
The reliance upon fixed, rigid ideas are called:
3 steps to prevent victim focus are:
1. Dialogue
2. Assessment
3. Feedback
Attitude cannot be seen or touched - True or False?
The level of conflict that occurs between groups within the same command is called:
3 strategies to combat racism or sexism are:
1. Awareness
2. Education
3. Participation
3 steps to test understanding are:
1. Parroting
2. Paraphrasing
3. Clarification
The most important source of socialization is the:
Explicit jokes are an example of:
Sexual Harassment.
A leader setting conditions in exchange for sexual favors is called:
Quid pro quo.
Subordinating others due to physical traits is called:
The Army Equal Opportunity Policy applies to: (2 groups)
1. Military personnel
2. Families of military personnel.
Which is NOT an attibute of culture?
EO complaints must be appealed within how long?
7 calendar days.
What are the 5 ways to act out prejudice?
1. Disparaging terms
2. Discrimination
3. Avoidance
4. Physical attacks
5. Extermination
Who follows up on EO complaints?
The EO Advisor.
The EO officer for a unit is the:
An indication of a positive and healthy EO climate is a:
Decrease in the number of transfer requests.
Which is NOT a common method for managing conflict?
Getting angry.
An agency NOT responsible for receving EO complaints is the:
Community Service Center.
Perception is defined as the procedure used to interpret our environment - True or False:
The most effective communications linik between two individuals is the:
Two-way link.
2 qualities of the Army EO Program:
1. Discipline is not compromised.
2. Commanders and leaders are responsible.
Was Specialist Anderson correct in filing an EO complaint?
How many days does Specialist Anderson have to appeal?
7 calendar days.
Did the commander show due diligence in addressing Specialist Anderson's complaint?
Who is required to follow up on EO complaints?
The EO Advisor.
How long does the EO Advisor have to follow up on an EO complaint?
30-45 days.
Which is NOT a barrier to effective cross-cultural communications?
What does a group need to have to effectively disciminate against another group?
Which organization advises the Secretary of Defense on Equal Opportunity issues?
Which are NOT 2 typical roles for EO Leaders?
1. Investigations
2. Inquiries
The wear of religious items as long as they do not interfere with the mission is authorized - True or False?
Attitudes about the worth of people, concepts or things are called:
Can an attitude be seen or touched?
What document is used to overcome the effects of discrimination?
The Equal Opportunity Action Plan (EOAP).