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What does the tempo marking mean ?

How fast the piece is

What does rubato mean ?

Robbed time

What does the top number in the time signature tell you ?

How many beats there are per bar.

Is the 7/8 regular or irregular metre? Explain your answer.


Describe regular metre

- It has the same pattern of beats all the way through the piece

- Every beat in each bar is the same length

- The time signature is either simple (2,3 or 4 has to) or compound (6, 9, 12 as a top number)

What is free metre ?

Music with no pattern to the beats at all

Describe syncopation

String beats are moved away from the first beat of the bar onto a weaker beat. Gives an off - beat sound.

What is a triplet?

3 notes played in the space of 2

What does a dot do after a note ?

Adds half of its value

Explain what hemiola is.

Where 2 bars of simple triple time (E.g 3/4) are played as if they were 3 bare of simple duple time (E.g 2/4)

Name 3 composers who use Hemiolas

Vivaldi, Handel, Bach

Describe Poly rhythms

2 or more rhythms played at the same time

Describe Bi - rhythms

The time signatures can be split up into different patterns of beats

Describe cross rhythms

2 or more rhythms that didn't fit together are played at the same time

What sort of music often uses polyrhythms & cross rhythms ?


What's a drum fill ?

Little drum solo's used to build music up or to change between sections.

Describe diatonic harmony

The notes thar belong to the main key of the piece

Describe chromatic Harmony

The notes don't belong to the main key of the piece

Define consonance

Chords & intervals that sound nice, fit

Give 3 examples of consonant chords

3rds, 5ths, 6ths, octaves.

What is a drone ?

A long held on note in the bass

What type of music uses a lot of drones?

Indian Music

What's a pedal note ?

Repeated notes in the bass part

Define modulation

Changing key

What is the dominant key if C major ?

G major

What's a pivot chord?

A chord that's the same in both the old key (tonic) and the new key

What does Tierce de Picardie

Finishing a minor piece with a major 3rd

What is texture?

How the parts fit together

Explain what is meant by imitation.

Repeat a phrase with a slight changes

What is Canon?

The sane melody is played in different parts

What's a loop?

Cutting piece of tape and sticking the ends together so they could be played over and over again - this is looping.

Describe layering

Lots of different loops being played at the same time

Give another word for contrapuntal


Define Conjuct melody

Where the melody is smooth - there aren't big jumps between notes. The opposite of disjunct

Describe disjunct

When there are big jumps between the notes in a melody. The opposite of disjunct

Explain triadic melody

A melody that moves using the notes if a triad

Explain scalic moldy

A melody that using the notes of a scale

How did blues music start out ?

- As a type of African American folk song.


Name 2 instruments that were played in early blues piece ?

Guitar and banjo

Which 3 chord patterns used in a 1-2 bar blues ?

I, IV, V

Write out the chord patterns used 12 bar blues

Flatten the third and seventh of any major scale by a semitone

What is a mordent?

It instructs the per order to rapidly alternate from the written note to the adjacent note.