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What is A ABBA Form?


What is ABA Form ?


What is ABACA form ?

Rhondo Form

What are the four options when describing the tonality of a piece of music?

Major, Minor, Modal, Atonal

Define Atonal

Music without a recognisable key signature

Describe Major

Music that uses a major key signature such as C major or F major

Describe Modal music

Modal music uses modes such as Dorian and Ionian.

Modes are an old scale system and can be found in folk, medieval music, jazz and pop.

What are cadences ?

Punctuation in music.

What do cadences consist of ?

2 chords that either finish a phrase/piece of music or provide a breath mark before continuing.

What are the 4 main cadences ?

1. Perfect Cadence

2. Imperfect Cadence

3. Plagal Cadence

4. Interrupted cadence

What does a perfect cadence sound like ?

Finished and Final (the music will not continue).

What are the two chords in a perfect cadence ?

Chord V (5) moving to chord I (1)

What are the correct chords for a perfect cadence in G major ?

Chord 5 = Do F# A (because D is the 5th note in G major)

Chord 1st = GBD (Because G is the 1st note in G major)

What does an imperfect cadence sound like ?

Unfinished, like the music will continue

What are the two chords you need to use in an imperfect cadence?

Chord 1 or 2 moving to chord 5.

What does a plague cadence sound like ?

Finished and final. The music will not continue.

How does it differ to a perfect cadence ?

The plague cadence is used a lot in church music.

What are the two chords you need to use in a Plagal Cadence?

Chord 4 moving to Chord 1.

What does an interrupted cadence sound like ?

As if you are about to hear a perfect cadence but are then suddenly interrupted. It is unfinished.

What are the two chords you need to use in an interrupted cadence?

Chord 5 moving to chord 6.

What is a mordent?

It instructs the per order to rapidly alternate from the written note to the adjacent note.

What is an acciaccatura?

A crushed grace note that you quickly play before the written note.

How do you make a melody a melody in thirds?

Add a note that is a third above

What is a glissando?

A slide between two notes

How is a piece diatonic ?

When it stays in the home key

How is a piece chromatic ?

When it includes notes that don't belong to the key signature


Double the note value

Diminuation ?

Halve the notes value ?

What is augmentation?

Multiplying the length of notes in a tune to get a new version of it.

What is diminution?

Dividing the length notes in a tune to get a new version of it

What does Crescendo mean?

Get louder

What does diminuendo mean ?

Get quieter

What is another word for polyphonic ?


What is a counter melody ?

Extra tune played at the same time as the man melody to keep it interesting


Define anacrusis

The note or notes preceding a downbeat;upbeat

Define alberti bass

a kind of broken chord or arpeggiated accompaniment, where the notes of the chord are presented in the order lowest, highest, middle, highest. This pattern is then repeated.

Where there is only one melody it's ...


When there are many melodies it is ...