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Big Sister policy

Opened up Latin American markets to Yankee traders

McKinley Tariff

Raised duties on Hawaiian sugar and set off renewed efforts to secure the annexation of Hawaii to the U.S.

Teller Amendment

When the U.S. had overthrown Spanish misrule, it would give Cuba it's freedlm

Anti-Imperialist League

A diverse group formed in order to protest American colonial oversight in the Philippines

Foraker Act

Gave Puerto Ricans a limited degree of popular government

Platt Amendment

Limited Cuba's treaty-making abilities, controlled it's debt, and stipulated that the U.S. could intervene militarily to restore order

Open Door note

Set of diplomatic letters in which Secretary of State John Hay urged the great powers to respect Chinese rights and free and open competition within their spheres of influence

Boxer Rebellion

An uprising in China directed against foreign influence

Hay-Pauncefote Treaty

Gave Americans a free hand to build a canal in Central America, which prohibited the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, which prohibited U.S. or Britain from acquiring Central American territories

Roosevelt Corollary

U.S. has right to intervene in the domestic affairs of Latin American nations in order to restore military and financial order

Root-Takahira agreement

U.S. & Japan agree to respect one another's territorial possessions in the Pacific