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nuclear fission
The process by which a large nucleus is split into two smaller nucleai.
nuclear fusion
The process by which two or more small nuclei fuse to make a bigger nucleus.
critical mass
The amount of isotope necessary to cause a chain reaction.
star magnitude
The brightness of a star on a scale of -8 to +17. The smaller the number, the brighter the star.
light year
The distance light travels in one year.
A massice ensemble of hundreds of millions of stars, all interacting through the gravitational force, orbiting around a common center.
radiative zone
Where the energy photons exert into the next level of the sun.
convection zone
The area where the energy photons are absorbed by gases.
chain reaction
When the fission process starts to grow rapidly.
spectral lines
Wavelengths of light emitted by elements when they are excited.