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Harriet Beecher Stowe
author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1852
white woman, wrote novel in response to Fugitive Slave Act, shows terrible inhumanity of slavery, splitting of families
Uncle Tom's Cabin
The book that made the civil war
huge emotional impact at home and abroad on the cruelty of slavery
Who did Harriet Beecher Stowe attribute her inspiration to
"God wrote it"
religious sentiments crucial to anti slavery movement
Hinton Helper
author of The Impending Crisis of the South, 1857
Significance of the book, The Impending Crisis of the South
a southern, using statistic to show that slavery caused the most suffering to non slaveholding whites (the economic argument against slavery)
New England Emigrant Aid Company
antislavery organization that financed the trips to Kansas for many people...this worried the South which assumed that Kansas would be a slave territory
What was the unspoken deal that the South accepted when the Kansas Nebraska Act was passed?
Kansas would be slave
Nebraska would be free
In the first elections in Kansas, what happened?
"border ruffians" from Missouri crossed the line and voted for slavery, they set up a government in Shawnee Mission
"free soilers" refused to accept the results and sent up another government in Topeka
What happened in Lawrence, Kansas in 1856?
pro slavery raider attacked and burned part of that free soil town.
Who was John Brown?
probably insane
led attacks in Kansas
Harper's Ferry
dies and becomes a martyr for abolitionists
What happened in Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas?
John Brown attacks pro slavery men by surprise, kills 5, and hacks up their bodies.
Lecompton Constitution
1857, given to kansas to vote but not fair because that constitution would have protected owners of slaves already in Kansas even if the voters chose the constitution with "no slavery"....so just another controversial piece of fuel to the raging debate in Kansas.
What happened to the Lecompton constitution in Kansas?
Douglas argued against is and ultimately there was a compromise that voted on the legitimacy of the lecompton constitution, it was defeated by the free soilers in Kansas and Kansas remained a territory, not a slave state.
Charles Sumner
Senator from Massachusetts, delivers speech called "The Crime Against Kansas" violent anti slavery speech
Preston Brooks
senator from South Carolina, attacks Sumner on the Senate floor for his anti slavery speech, beats him unconscious with his cane
"Bully Brooks" and "Bleeding Sumner"
nicknames for senators but also names that showed how divisive and explosive the slavery issue was in 1856, 1857
"old Buck"
nickname for James Buchanan, Democratic candidate for 1856 election
Why wasn't Stephen Douglas the democratic nominee in 1856?
too close associated with the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Republican nominee for 1856?
John C. Fremont, the "pathfinder of the West"
Know nothing nominee for 1856?
Millard Fillmore
Democratic platform in 1856?
popular sovereignty
Republican platform in 1856?
no extension of slavery in the territories
Know nothing platform
anti immigration
"Americans must rule America"
What characterized the Know Nothing Party
What was the main "fruit" of 1856 election
rise of the Republican party,
end of national parties
four more years for positions in north and south to harder
Dred Scott decision, 1857
slave not a citizen, could not sue in federal court
slave was property, remained a slave even in free territory
Missouri compromise of 1820 unconstitutional
Congress could not ban slavery in territories
Who was the chief justice in the Dred Scott decision?
Roger Taney, Maryland, slaveholder
What were the causes of the financial crash of 1857?
gold rush creating inflation
planting too much grain from 1853-1856 to export to Russia during Crimean War
over speculation in land and railroads
Who was hit harder by 1857 crash, north or south?
north, 5,000 business failed. in the south, the cotton prices abroad stayed up so they were not as hurt
Tariff of 1857
reduced tariff rates to 1812 levels several months before the financial crash, impacted northern manufacturers the most