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Colonists of America Shared What Intrests

1.the desire to create an agricultural society lives


In the 1770s what helped the crisis of authority

Few colonist still believed in relationships with Britain.

Important settlement from the 1600s

1. Jamestown

2 Virginia Company received a Charter

Greatest revival preacher of the Second Great Awakening

Charles G. Finnely

Oneida Community

1.declined due to widespread criticism of its open sexual it

2.Located next to New York

Who wrote Civil Disobedience

Henry David Thoreau

One of the First test of Nation that was passed

Revolution of 1800s

election of Thomas Jefferson represented first peaceful transfer from one political party to another.

Articles of Confederation passed when...

All states claiming western land surrendered them to the national government

The Glass-Steagall Act

1. Also known as the Banking Act of 1933.

2. Instituted during the 100 days and was meant to regain publics trust in nations banks.


David G. Phillips

1. Muckraker

2.The united states senate

Ida Tarbell

1. Muckraker

2.the Standard Oil Company

Lincoln Steffens

1. Muckraker

2. City Governments

Ray Standard Baker

1. Muckraker

2. Condition of blacks

Muller v. Oregon

1. Limited women's work hours on grounds that women were the weaker sex and they needed government protection

1902 Strike on Coal

1. Anthracite coal mines

2. Teddy rosavelt treated to seize the mines with federal troops

Casablanca Conference

Convincing the soviets that Britain and the United states would not seal a seperate peace treaty with Germany

Interaction of troops


New Right

1. 1770s and 1980s

2. Partly in response to the counterculture protests of the 60s

Most who voted for Reagan lived in the West and Sount. The bastion of the Old Right

3. Evangelical Christians

Reagan Scandal

Members of Reagan ' administration sold weapons to Iran, a hostile nation, with the predidents approval. Savings-and-loan debacle

Nativits 1850s

A significant influx of German and Irish in the 1850s worried protestants

They organized into a secret anti-Catholic and antiforiegn organization known as the Know-Nothings

Panic of 1857

1. Primarily affected the North

2. Congress lowered tariff rate six months before the panic & Northern manufactures wanted a higher tariff to protect their business from overseas competition

Albany Congress

1. Conciliatory with Iroquois and establish greater colonial unity in the war against the french

Proclamation of 1763

1. Prevent colonists from moving beyond the Appilachian Mountains in order to avoid conflict with Native Americans.

2. Americans viewed it as an attempt at controlling them and ignored the proclimation

Rosavelt ' New Nationalism

1. Bull moose campaign of 1912

2. Social Reforms minimum wage law and woman's suffrage

Woodrow Wilson


Sympathized with the Confederacy ' attempt at self-determination

Boss Tweed

1. Leader of New York Cities Tweed Ring

2. Political Cartoons by Nast aided in putting him in Jail

Gilded Age

1. The two major parties agreed on most of the important issues of the day

Compromise of 1877 return for not contesting the presidential election of r. Hayes the Republicans agreed to withdraw troops from the south resulting in the end of Reconstruction

Spoils system

Political connections aiding in election

Alfred Thayer Mahan

1. Naval captain

2. The Influence of Sea Power

3. Influenced Teddy Rosavelt to have a modern navy


1. Prevent Ngo Dihn Diem's regime from falling to communists

Influx of immigrants

1850s and 1850s

Commonwealth v. Hunt

1. Supreme Court of Massachusetts

2. Labor Unions were Legal

James K. Polk

Manifest Destiny


Neutrality Acts

1. Forbade sale of supplies to belligerents

Kellogg-Briand Pact

Must have sought to outlaw wars of aggression. Not wars of defense.

Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Highest peacetime protective tariff in history

All nations suffered

Dr. W.E.B.Du Bois

Du Boise was coufounder of NAACP

Opposed gradual equality for blacks.

In favor of immediate and complete equality.



2. Political Spying

3. Elected in 1968 and 1972

Saturday Night Massacre

Nixon fires tons of people

Hudson River Valley


Colony on Maryland

1. Duke of Baltimore

2. Haven for English Catholics

United States v. E. C. Knight

1. 1895

The EC Knight company was engaged in commerce not manufacturing so it can't be controlled by Congress.