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What is a Cossacks?
Free men recruited by Ivan to conquer and settle new acquisitions.
Ivan III military
What is a Czar?
A Russianized form of Ceasar.
What is Third Rome?
When Ivan the Great rules Russia and claims his rule from God.
What is Ivan's reign of terror?
Newly privileged class into a private army.
Whos members dressed in black and wore insignia displaying a dogs head and broom.

Symbolic of their determination to hunt down treason and sweep it out of Russia.
What is Oprichniki?
Ivans new privileged class of aristocracy.
Who is Avvakum?
A Russian orthodox reformer.
Exiled to Siberia.
Executed in 1681
Whis is Ivan the Great or III
- Reigned from 1462 to 1505
- Declared Russian independence from mongol
rule in 1480.
Who is Ivan the IV?
- Reigned from 1533 to 1584.
- Ivan III's grandson
- Called Ivan the Terrible
- Violent ruler
- Reshaped Russian government
What is a Chosen Council?
Advisors chosen for merit.
What are Assemblies of the Land?
Regional representatives.
Who is Peter the First?
- Reigned 1682-1725
- Known as Peter the Great
- Interested in technology found in foreign
- During his rule Russian industry
incorporated the most advance
technologies and science.
Where and what is St Petersburg?
- Called the Window of the West
- New capital on the Baltic Sea
- Built by Peter the Great in 1703
- Headquarters for Russian navy
- Administrative center for goverment
Who is Catherine the Second?
- Reigned 1762 - 1795
- Married Peter the Great's grandson
- Continued Peter's policy of westernization
What is Poland - Lithuania
- A dual republican state
- Has both king and parliament
- Roman catholic religon
- Slavic orthodox missionaries in Belarus
and Ukraine
What is law code of 1649?
It places serfs under strict control of landlords.
Serfs were not slaves but could be sold as private property
Serfs had fixed occupational classes
What is Patriarch Nicon of Moscow?
Standardized orthodox rules
Promoted relgious instructions in Greek and Latin.