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meaning of the third world war (Two)
1. underdeveloped nations of asia, africa, middle east, and latin america
2. non-aligned with communist or capitalist worlds
who did india support in ww2
what promised independence to india
who was the leader in gaining indias independencE
what type of policy did ghandi have to acheive his ends
a non violence policy
what were the religious probles in india
hindu vs. muslim
what 2 states were formed in india
india and packistan
who asssassinated ghandi
a hindu phinatic
who suceeded ghandi
india and pakistan each had their own what?
prime minister
who became the 8th largest industrial nation in the world by 1974
what is another nation that was once ceylon island
sri lanka
what is the new term for the old british empire
common wealth nation
what had beeen accepted as the symbolic head of the common wealth
the british sovereign
what does the commonwealth deal with?
economis aid, techology, and other matters
who is one of the members of commonwealth
who is now the 4th largest population nation in the world?
in the dutch empire, the government has been moslty
what has been evident in the dutch empire
political upheaval
in the dutch empire economis progress has been bolstered by
invited foreign investment
in indochina who was willing to remain loosely attached but autonomous
cambodia and laos
who demanded full and immediate independence in indochina
who became the communist leaderin vietnam
ho chi ming
who helped found the french communist party while he was in paris
ho chi ming
france fought ho chi ming on the ground that it was doing what
containing communism
what was the site of france defeated in vietnam
dien bien phu
what divided vietnam and the seventh parallel
the geneva conference
the communists broke what settlements when it attacked south vietnam in 1960's
geneva conference settlements
the arab nationalists in algeria, morocco, and tuisia sought what
algeria had been what since 1830's
what did france include as an integral part of france
what country had representation in the french legislature
in algeria, one million of the nine million were french and italian called
who aided the algerian liberation front?
the arab states and the middle east
how many french fought in algeria at the height of the war
what was created due to the struggle in algeria
the fifth french republic
what caused charles de gaulles returrn to power
the 500,000 french men fighting in algeria at the height of the war
algeria is what kind of nation today?
islamic fundamentalist naiton
what rose in france in 2002
algerian activity s very active in france regarding what
arab-israeli matters
why did charles de gaulle reccomend independence of algeria
he realized the effort was futilr
what did the british first resist
nationalistic movements
what did the british do to nationalist leaders
they jailed or exiled them
what did the british do to the africans in the governemt
they gave them broader involvement
what evolved in ghana
military dictatorship
who gained control in ghana
kwame nkrumah
what did kwame mkrumah impose in ghana
"African socialism"
what was the largest british colony in africa
how many ethnic groups made up the population of nigeria
what gained dominion status in nigeria in 1960
republic of nigeria
what became the most populus post colonial country in africa
what became a democratic model for africa
oil brought a booming economy in the 70's to what country
what brought dependence on food imports in nigeria
inflattion and debt
who owned rich plantation area s in kenya
white plantation owners
what followed the refusal of the plantation owners to accept change in kenya
acts of violence
a terrorist organization that brought armed revolt in kenya
mau mau
who was jailed then exiled in kenya
john kenyatta
kenya gained independence then who left?
the white settlers
in 1963 who relented and brought kenyatta back
the nationalist leader in tanganika
julius nyerere
in 1964 tanganika untied with who and became tanzania
who did tanzania become close with?
red china and the soviet union
what was imposed in tanzania
african socialism
what country did churchill call the pearl of africa
who became the dictator of uganda
who rose to power after obote became dictator
idi amin
who killed 250,000 during his brutal dictatorship in uganda
idi amin
what was ruined during amins time?
once rich argicultural economy
who has an astronomical rate of aids today
what balked at independence in southern africa?
a while colonial monority
who did the while colonial minority balk at the most in southern africa
rhodesia and the union of south africa
who were afrikaners
dutch calvanists
what percent of afrikaners were white settlers
what was the new language the afrikaners developed?
the afrikaners remained in the region in south afrika after which war?
boer war
when was the boer war
a policy of seperatio of the races
when was apartheied adopted
ten bantuscans were established for what
black autonomous homelands
where were the black atonomous houslanfs located
on poor land
who was the black leader of the african national congress
nleson mandela
what were blacks excluded form in south africa
the political process
what happened to nelson mandela
he was sentences to life in prison
in south africa what did the united nations impose
in south africa what did the united states support
economic sanctions
american coorperations were encourages to cut off business where?
south africa
who was determined to stem the economic downturn in south africa
president de klerk
in south afirca what replaces the old rigid policy
a more moderate one
nelson mandela was freed in 1991 after how many years in jail
1992 saw the end of what?
white minority by referendum
what had begun in 1992 by mandels
mandela's "countdown to democracy"
1994 saw the first what?
democratic nonracial elections
who was places into power in south afirca after 1994
mandela and the african national congress
how many colonies did france have in sub saharan africa
the belgan congo became
who was one of the national leaders in zaire
who was a leftist in the belgian colonies and was assassination in 1961
in the belgan colonies, peace broke down when what happeneed
when the army mutinied
who ended the anarchy in the belgan colonies with his dictatorship
in the belgian colonies, all christian names were dropped in opposition to what
european rule
what minority and majority in the belgan congo fought eachother
the tutsi and the hutu
what happened in rwanda in 1994
hundreds of thousands lost their lives