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head of French Huguenots  lead to French religious wars
Admiral de Coligny
a turn in the 30 years war
territory in HRE that bordered France
Franche compte
treaty between Louis 14th and Netherlands
Treaty of Nimwegan
parliament gives Scottish king (William Laud) money if he signs
petition of right
Louis 14th’s representatives in the providences
– in Poland – legislative body
• If the national diet wanted to pass a law it would have to go through all of the smaller diets, and if they object to the proposal it “explodes,” or dissolves.
exploding diet
Hungarian nobles
King of Poland
Drove Turks from Gates of Vienna
John Sobeiski
led peasants revolt in Russia
stephen razin
glorification of the individual – not glorification of god
pico de la mirandola
the "peoples priest" believed in anabaptism
more redical than luther
Ulrich Zwingli
Great schism philip 4th and boniface 8th
martin came out on top
babylonian captivity
sent in by philip 2nd consisted of duke of alva and other spanish troops to make sure spain was cathiloc
spanish inquisition
defender of faith
henry 8th
during the counter reformation it burned john Huss
it also reasserted church athority
council of trent
everyone fled to the new world to get gold and silver and they =came back and prices rose because everyone had gold and silver
price revolution
what is another term for price revolution?
atlantic revolution
during the black plague in england it was a law stating that the wages would not be raised becuse there were less workers
statue of artificers
sent to Netherlands by Philip
established the coucil of troubles
duke of alva
brought silverwear to france
mother to henry 2nd
catherine de medichi
Bohemians wanted to share religion with catholics but catholics denied them to catholics were thrown out of a window
defenstration of prague
universal monarchy
french hegemony wanted by richilou
Portuguese Jew thrown out of his synogog because he wasnt practing right was a lense maker eventually went to netherlands
Baruch Spinoza
instrument of government was written by whom?
oliver cromwell
Pyrenees exist no more”
a quote from louis 14th when he was going to put his brother on the throne of spain
charles 6th devised plan where where maria teresa would be queen, and everyone would respect her land
pragmatic sanction
when fred the great took silesia from maria tresa
Seizure of Silesia
a name peter the great called himself when he was taking over the orthodox church
Procurator of Holy Synod
wrote How to be a gentlemen and a lady
during Spanish inquisition they were kicked out
Consisted of Muslims and Jews
who Led to the Pilgrimage of Grace
henry 8th
counterreformation pope
paul 3rd
land owners
Prussian nobles
russian nobles
in netherlands when duke of alve was sent over it was called
spanish fury
dutch seaman
who were the seabeggar under
william of orange
father of modern warfare
Gustavus Adolphus
war where philip was vs. prodostant union, sweden, ane england, ect
30 years war
after charles 1st held new elections the same people got voted abck in. gave charles untimatum he refused and it caused civil war - ppl sat for 0 yrs
long parliament
william and mary when they signed the bill of rights
glorious revolution
“king supreme in France and France supreme in Europe”
Cardinal Richelieu
ruling family of Austria - catholics
created pragmatic sanction
charles 6th
Narva and Poltava
• Between Russia and Sweden
who won narva
who won poltava
another name for domestic system
Cottage System” or “Putting out system
ended the Great Schism and returned the new pope to Rome
council of constance
treaty of Augsburg
charles 5th
both believe Bible was source of Christianity
Wycliffe and Huss
developed spiritual excercises and started society of jesus
Ignatius Loyola
established 1st trading site in India
vasco de gama
1st commercial empire in Europe
english sea men
sea dogs
attempt in HRE to re-catholicize all participates and restore all church property
edict of restitution
ended the 30 years war - philip 2nd
Peace of Westphalia
calvanists in england
church of england
Charles 1st brought musketeers into parliament
prides purge
ended all wars of Louis 14th and the dream of French Hegemony
treaty of utrecht
peace created after seize of Vienna in Austria - oficially ended turk attacks
Peace of Karlowitz
daughter of charles 6th
maria teresa
government run economy based on bullion
wanted window to the west - overthrew sister sophia - modernized russia
peter the great
put bourbons and hapsburgs together against hohenzollerns
kauntiz - reversal of alliances
emerges were trying to get Louis 16th out to Austria but he was caught because Maria Antoinette carriage
Flight to Varennes –
belief in Supreme Being, but not church  impersonal god
English Bombarding French port– Napoleon won by fire cannons at English Ship
Napoleon trying to take control of Spain - found out where french were headed- english won with horatio nelson but nelson died in battle
“Motley group” because there were so many different types of people
grand armie
Napolean lost to England and Duke of Wellington because he was late due to hemroids
battle of waterloo
the Treaty of Press burg Napoleon got control of all of Italy
king of rome
nobles took land and enclosed it from peasants forcing them to go into cities and work in factories
the enclosure act
excess money
Count kaunitz – reversal of alliances goes hand in hand
diplomatic revolution goes hand in hand
in India the battle when De La croy put English people into a room and they suffocated
battle of plassey
cogito ergo sum
“I think therefore I am” – Descartes
book by Montesquieu
spirit of laws
colonies had tax on stamps which discourages communication in colonies
stamp act
freed people official start of French Revolution
The Bastille: 7-14-89
when was the official start of the french revolution?
july 14, 1789
redistributed public lands to people after the French Revolution
Graccus Babeuf
Napoleon got Venisia and Lombardi from Austria
Treaty of Campo Formio
shame of princes which ended the HRE napoleon got Germany
Confederacy of the Rhine
battle when they took Moscow
• Pyrrhic victory
battle of borodino
England, Sweden, Russia, Turkey
quadruple alliance
while Napoleon was in Spain Austria tried to take back power but failed
peninsula war
French economic attack against England
the continental system
pressed Anglicanism in Scotland
william laud
consumable goods
anything that can be bought or sold
non consumable goods
the group of people who wanted james 3rd to be king
book written by Bacon
Novum Organum
Apres mio de deluge”
Louis 15th “after me, the flood”
said he was Peter the 3rd  tried to start a peasant revolt against Catherine  Catherine captured him and brought him into city in a cage and executed him
people from marsaille who wanted to spread revolution
nickname of napoleon
king fish
what is the third estate? The third estate is everything
came up with coup de etat --> napoleon stole idea from him
napoleon victory against prussia
Battle of Leipzig
wanted to go back to old regime
who was the model mystic
alex 1st
Capital Goods
man during German nationalism movement
J.G. Fiche
English prime minister saved English economy by saying parliament would pay debt whereas in France parliament made people pay for their own debt
Robert Walpole Count
Black hole” (Calcutta)
De la Croy put English people in room and they suffocated
taking stuff you already know and taking conclusions from it
feudal obligation that make peasants work on roads three days a year
who eliminated banalities
joseph 2nd
wrote rights of women
aka White Terror after red terror when they murdered the people from red terror  going back to normal
thermadorian period
land in modern day Poland alex realized that he wasn’t going to be emperor of east
dutchy of warsaw
during congress of Vienna it was England’s Representative
Bloodless Revolution aka
Glorious revolution
area of free trade in Germany - like five great farms
stood up for rights for workers