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What is another name for a Joint?

What is the prefix that means joint?
What is a joint?
A point of contact between two bones, between bone and cartilage, or between bone and teeth.
What is kenesiology?
The study of movement of the human body
What are two ways that joints are classified?
-structurally based on their anatomical characteristics.
-functionally based on the kind of movement they permit.
3 classifications of joints
Fibrous Joints, Cartilage Joints, Synovial Joints.
There are 3 kinds of fibrous joints and they are called:
What kind of joints do not have a synovial cavity and the articulating bones are held together with fibrous connective tissue. These joints allow little to no movement.
Fibrous joints
What is the name of a fibrous joint that is a thin layer of dense fibrous connective tissue that connects the bones of the skull? And tend to ossify with age?
What is a fibrous joint which has a greater distance between articulating bones than sutures and more fibrous connective tissue. (Ex: the sheen of connective tissue that connects the tibia and fibula. )
What is a type of fibrous joint where a cone shaped peg fits into a socket. Ex: connecting the jaw to the teeth.
What types of joints do not have a synovial cavity and the articulating bones are connected with cartilage. These allow little to no movement.
cartilaginous joints.
What are the 3 types of cartilaginous joints?
Synovial Joints
What are synchondroses?
A type of cartilaginous joint that contain Hyaline cartilage. (Ex. The epiphyseal plates)
What kind of cartilaginous joints are a broad, flat disk of fibrocartilage that connects the bones. Ex. Intervertabral disks and symphysis pubis.
What does amphiarthrosis mean?
slightly moveable joints.
Synovial Joints
Have a space called the Synovial cavity that lies between the articulating bones.
These are considered to be freely moveable (diarthrosis)
-the bone ends of these joints are covered with hyaline cartilage.
What is a diarthrosis?
A functionally, freely moveable joint.
What are 6 components of synovial joints?
-Articular capsule
-Synovial fluid
-Accessory ligaments
-Tendon Sheaths.
The articular Capsule
Surrounds the synovial joint to form the synovial cavity.
-Has two layers, the outer layer is the fibrous capsule, often contains ligaments and the inner layer is the synovial membrane.
What is secreted by the synovial membrane and is a viscous fluid that lubricates and nourishes the joint surfaces?
Synovial fluid
What are accessory ligaments?
Some joints contain ligaments inside or outside the joint cavity.
What is the meniscus?
It is also called the articular disc, and is a pad of fibrocartilage that lies between certain articulating bones
What is a bursae?
Tiny, fluid filled, saclike structures around certain joints that help reduce friction caused by movements
What is inflammation of the bursa called?
What are tube like bursa's that wrap around certain tendons that help reduce the friction where tendons pass through synovial cavities?
Tendon Sheaths.
What is a decrease in the angle between articulation bones?
What are the 8 movements of synovial joints?
flexion, extension, hyperextension, abduction, circumduction, rotation, opposition.
Fury Elks Have Antlers And Cross Roads Often.
What is an increase in the angle between articulating bones, or to restore a body part to anatomical position?
What is hyperextension?
A continuation of extension beyond the anatomical position.
What is abduction?
the movement of the bone away from the midline
What is the midline for the hand and foot?
Hand= middle finger
Toe=second toe
What is adduction
Movement of a bone towards the midline.
What is the movement of the distal end of a body part in a circle? It requires movement in more than one plane of motion

What is rotation?

When a bone revolves around its own longitudinal axis.
What is the movement of the hub at the carpomeatcarpal joint in which the thumb moves cross the palm to touch the tips of the fingers of the same hand called?
What are 5 joint disorders?
Sprain, Dislocation, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gouty Arthritis.

What is it called to damage a joint that tears ligaments, but does not dislocate bones and can cause significant damage to surrounding tissues?
What is a dislocation?
A displacement of a bone from a joint. This results in the tearing of the articular capsule and adjacent tissues.
What is another name for osteoarthritis?
Degenerative Joint Disease.
What is a degenerative disorder of synovial joints where the articular cartilage is gradually lost. Is associated with the normal wear and tear on joints. Calcium deposits around the joint to create spurs.
Osteoarthrits or degenerative Joint Disease.
What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?
An autoimmune disorder (the body attacks its own tissues.)
- often leads to joint fusion.
What is the disorder associated with the build up of Uric Acid ( A waste product of Nucleic Acid metabolism). As the uric acid builds up it forms crystals which are deposited in soft tissue joints, these crystals irritate and inflame joints eroding away articulating surfaces.
Gouty Arthritis (Gout)