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clue: lack of distint layers
- one layer
- beadshaped
- fxn: secretion, absorption
- loc: lines glands
simple cuboidal
- one layer
- tall cells
- usually contains goblet cells
- fxn: absorption; secretion
- loc: line digestive tract
simple columnar
characteristic of epithelial tissue that is supplied by nerve fibers but lacks blood vessels?
innervated but avascular
- one layer
- varying heights
- nuclei at different heights
- cilia
- fxn: secretion
- loc: non- ciliated= line gland ducts
ciliated= trachea/upper respiratory tract
pseudostratified columnar
- one layer
- disc-shaped
- fxn: rapid diffusion, filtration
- loc: air sacs in lungs, kidney
simple squamous
- many layers
- basal cells: cuboidal/columnar
- apical cells: squamous
- fxn: protection
- loc: skin (ker.) mouth, lips, etc (non ker.)
stratified squamous
characteristic of epithelial tissue that forms continuous sheets; many tight junctions and desmosomes?
specialized contacts
clue: only cuboidal at apical surface; only TWO cell layers
stratified cuboidal
Tissue made of sheets of cells that cover a body surface or line a body cavity
epithelial tissue
clue: only columnar at apical surface
stratified columnar
six characteristics of epithelial tissue
- cellularity
- specialized contacts
- polarity
- basement membrane
- innervated but avascular
- regeneration
clue: cuboidal/columnar at apical surface- mixed up
characteristic of epithelial tissue that is the non-cellular adhesive sheets that act to filter substances and for reinforcement?
basement membrane
clue: only has squamous cells at apical surface
stratified squamous
characteristic of epithelial tissue that is when the cells replace themselves quickly by cell division?
- resembles stratified squamous/cuboidal
- fxn: stretching, distention
- loc: lines part of urethra, bladder, ureter
characteristic of epithelial tissue that are when cells near the free surface of the tissue (apical surface) differ from the ones that are attached (basal surface)?
- several layers
- basal: cuboidal
- apical: columnar
- fxn: protection, secretion
- loc: (rare) male urethra, some large ducts of glands
stratified columnar
what is the characteristic that is composed almost entirely of closely packed cells?
- only 2 layers
- fxn: protection
- line large ducts of sweat, mammary, salivary glands...
stratified cuboidal