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Inguinal canal (general origin)
Descent of the testes or round ligament
Anterior wall of inguinal canal
Aponeurosis of external oblique
Roof of inguinal canal
Arching fibers of internal oblique and transversus abdominis
Floor of inguinal canal
Inguinal ligament and lacunar ligament (come from aponeurosis of external oblique)
Posterior wall of inguinal canal
Transversalis fascia (re: location in inguinal canal)
Spermatic cord's contents
Vas deferens

Genital branch of genitofemoral nerve

Autonomic nerves

Testicular veins

Artery of the vas

Testicular artery
Inguinal canal's contents
Spermatic cord

ilioinguinal nerve
Processus vaginalis
Peritoneal finger pushing through for descent of the testis
Internal spermatic cord origin
Transversalis fascia (re: spermatic cord)
Cremaster muscle origin
Internal oblique (re: spermatic cord)
Transversus abdominus (re: spermatic cord)
Muscle doesn't contribute (re: spermatic cord)
External spermatic fascia (origin)
External oblique aponeurosis (re: spermatic cord)
Tunica vaginalis
Remnant of processus vaginalis

Doesn't cover posterior testis
Dartos fascia (origin)
Superficial fascia of abdominal wall
Hernia (definition)
Weakness in abdominal wall
Direct hernia
Medial to inferior epigastric arteries
Hasselbach's triangle
Inferior epigastric

Inguinal ligament

Rectus abdominis
Indirect hernia
Lateral to epigastric arteries

Into inguinal canal (processus vaginalis didn't obliterate)